Arrangements for the admission of pupils including those with disabilities

Admissions to Stockport Community and Voluntary Controlled schools are based on the child’s principal parental home address. During the normal admissions round the criteria used in the case of oversubscription is as follows:

Regulations require that places are provided:

 For pupils who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs naming the school

 For Children in Public Care

Following this places will then be allocated as follows:

1. Sibling applicants

2. Highly exceptional medical/social reasons

3. Children resident within the priority of the school

4. Other applicants

No places will be guaranteed at any maintained schools in Stockport, excluding Looked After Children and Children with a Statement of Educational Needs that names the school.

If there is competition for places within the above categories, applicants will be ordered by distance, measured by straight-line between home and the school using the Council’s GIS mapping system.

Stockport’s Admission policy can be viewed via the council website:, in the information for parents’ booklets or upon request from the admissions teams at C&YP Directorate.

Parents have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel against a decision by an Admissions Authority in England not to admit their child to school of their preference.


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