Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

This year our School Council/PSHE Representatives from each class are going to be working together to make our school a happier and safer place. 

They have taken on the title of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Together they will be monitoring the playground, school hall, toilets and corridors during break and lunchtime to ensure all pupils are safe and have someone to approach if they need support.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be using Restorative Approach to support pupils to help solve any issues that may arise during break and lunchtime.

The Representatives held an assembly at the start of term to share their ideas with the rest of the whole school to ensure everyone knows who they are, what they will be doing and where to find them.

Restorative Approach questions to be used by our Ambassadors

To find out who our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are please view our School Council Representatives.

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