Armistice Day

Armistice Day

On Friday 11th November the whole school visited the Stockport Cenotaph. The Mayor, members of the Royal British Legion, the public and staff and pupils from St. Thomas’ observed a two minute silence in commemoration and remembrance for all those who fought and gave their lives for us. Children from St. Thomas’ placed a poppy wreath on the War Memorial in remembrance of former pupils from St. Thomas’ who also fought and gave their lives for us.


During the term our Year 3 and 4 children have been focusing their theme on the book FArTHER which focuses on World War Two. The children have been researching and developing their knowledge and understanding of when, why and what happened during the war. Each child wrote a poem about Remembrance Day and prior to Armistice day they visited the Hall of Remembrance at Stockport Art Gallery to read out their poems to each other. Some of the children chose to come to school dressed in clothing that represented a World War Two evacuee.


“I remember the screeching aid raid siren, that warned us of the terrifying bomber planes.

I remember the bombed houses, falling on the rocky road like jenga.

I remember the rushing train, moving like a spitfire plane.

We will remember them.”

Poem by Charlie


“I remember the scared but brave soldiers which are marching into battle.

I remember the adorable children beside the railway ready to go to the countryside.

I remember the scary but loud air raid siren that started the war.

We will remember them”.

Poem by Mati


“I remember the broken houses that were bombed in the war.

I remember the loud siren going off making people scream.

I remember the deadly crater caused by death from the sky.

We will remember them”.

Poem by Jake



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