Armistice Day 2018

Armistice Day 2018 – World War 1 Centenary Celebrations

Stockport Parade of Light

This year our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils were invited to take part in Stockport Council’s Parade of Light procession. This was a local event to commemorate the end of World War 1, exactly 100 years ago.

The children worked with two professional artists to create lanterns in school which were then carried through the town on Sunday 11th November. This was a very special opportunity as only three local schools were invited to take part and we were very proud to be one of them. The Mayor, local dignitaries and members of the Royal British Legion also attended the ceremony.


The Heroes of St. Thomas’ Exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery

Over the past few weeks all of the children of St. Thomas’ have also be working alongside local artist Pauline Wood to create an exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery in remembrance of all the lost souls and to recognise the sacrifices they made. This includes a display of artwork, poetry and sculpture.

In the school hall we have a memorial to the 147 ex-pupils of St. Thomas’ who lost their their lives during the 1st World War. For one small school alone this is an awful lot of men to lose. The children were asked to decorate a jar with a message of remembrance/thanks, they were then filled with a tealight and are now displayed in the window of the memorial exhibition; there is one jar for each of those 147 men named on the memorial. 

The Heroes of St. Thomas’ Exhibition will run from 11th November 2018 – 20th February 2019 at Stockport Art Gallery. Please make every effort to visit the exhibition with your child/children to see the wonderful things they have been up to and to honour the 147 ex-pupils of St. Thomas’ who gave their lives for us. 


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