Charity Events 2016

Charity Events 2016

Throughout 2016 St. Thomas’ pupils, parents and staff will be taking part in several different charity events and fundraising activities. So far this year we have raised £321.55. We would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts and say a very big well done!

Please have a look a the charities we have supported so far this year and what we have done to raise awareness.

British Heart Foundation – Wear it. Beat it.

The British Heart Foundation is the nations leading heart charity. With coronary heart disease being the UK’s single biggest killer, the British Heart Foundation is fighting back! Their mission is to achieve a world where people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease. In order to do this they need help to fund vital pioneering research which will transform the lives of those living with heart and circulatory conditions.

In February staff and pupils at St. Thomas held a ‘Wear it. beat it. day and came to school wearing something red in order to help raise awareness of the British Heart Foundation and support the work they do.

In total we raised £121.25 for British Heart Foundation.

Stockport Food Bank

Stockport food bank provides emergency food parcels to residents in Stockport who are in need. Unfortunately many people in our local community do not have enough money to go around and often end up going without essential items such as food. This can sometimes mean parents put their children first and may themselves go without. This may be for a variety of reasons such as a low income or an unexpected bill. Stockport food bank are here to help by providing support to those in crisis and ensuring people do not go without.

Before Christmas Year 3 and 4  had a literacy focus on support and community. From this they created a food parcel that was donated to Stockport food bank. The children gained a lot from this experience learning about caring for those in the local community. At St. Thomas’ we feel that it would be beneficial for all of the children to learn more about caring for those in the local community and how this can be done. Thus contributing to our community links project part of the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum. Each year group will therefore be allocated one month to create a food parcel that we can then donate to Stockport food bank, as a way of continuing our much needed support throughout the academic year.

We have been in contact with the food bank and they have informed us that all food will be greatly received. At the beginning of each month we will be sending out a letter to our parents of the chosen class requesting their support for what we hope they will agree is a worthwhile cause. We will inform parents of a couple of key items which the food bank are currently running low on. The food parcel will then be delivered at the end of the month. All donations are welcome large or small and will be much appreciated.

In February Nursery, Reception and Year 1 created a food parcel consisting of tinned tomatoes, small bags of sugar and tinned puddings, this has now been delivered to Stockport food bank.

In March Year 2 created a food parcel consisting of tinned vegetables such as carrots, peas and Sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes and long-life orange juice, this has now been delivered to Stockport food bank.

In April and May Year 3 and 4 created a parcel consisting of shower gel, soap, shampoo and toothpaste, this has now been delivered to Stockport food bank.

In June and July Year 5 and 6 created a food parcel consisting of tinned puddings, small bags of sugar and biscuits, this has now been delivered to Stockport food bank.

Sport Relief 2016

Sport Relief is all about getting the Great British public active and having fun to help raise money and change lives. 50% of all money raised goes to supporting projects across the UK with the other 50% supporting projects across the world’s poorest communities.

In the last 2 years Sport Relief money has helped 189’000 children attend school and get an education, this is equivalent to 1’000 schools the same size as St. Thomas’! It has helped provide support for 165’000 people living with a mental health condition as well as funding 23 projects that support people and families living with dementia. 734’000 children received life saving vaccines as a results of the money raised, to give you an idea of how many people that is, there is approximately 285’000 people living in Stockport. Sport Relief has also helped to fund local projects including Stockport Food Bank.

To help raise money for Sport Relief children at St. Thomas’ took part in a variety of sponsored challenges. These were as follows:

  • On Monday 14th March at 2:40pm on the main playground, Nursery and Reception Class will completed ‘The Speedy Challenge’.
  • On Monday 14th March at 2:40pm on the all-weather pitch, Year 1 completed ‘The Target Challenge’.
  • On Tuesday 15th March at 2:40pm in the hall, Year 2 completed ‘The Step Up Challenge’.
  • On Wednesday 16th March at 2:40pm on the main playground, Year 3 completed ‘The Tennis Challenge’.
  • On Thursday 17th March at 2:40pm on the main playground, Year 4 completed ‘The Cricket Challenge’.
  • On Friday 18th March at 1:30pm on the main playground, Year 5 completed ‘The Basketball Challenge’.
  • On Friday 18th March at 1:30pm on the main playground, Year 6 completed ‘The Mile challenge’.

Parents and carers came along to watch and show their support at their child’s event.

In total we have raised £200.30 for Sport Relief 2016.

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