Charity Events 2017/2018

Charity Events 2017/2018

Throughout the school year St. Thomas’ pupils, staff and parents have been taking part in a variety of different charity events and fundraising activities. This year we have raised a fantastic £560.31. We would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts and say a very big well done!

Please have a look at the charities we have supported so far and what we have done to raise awareness. 

Stockport Food Bank

Stockport food bank provides emergency food parcels to residents in Stockport who are in need. Unfortunately many people in our local community do not have enough money to go around and often end up going without essential items such as food. This can sometimes mean parents put their children first and may themselves go without. This may be for a variety of reasons such as a low income or an unexpected bill. Stockport food bank are there to help by providing support to those in crisis and ensuring people do not go without.

In 2016 our Year 3 and 4 classes had a literacy focus on support and community. From this they created a food parcel that was donated to Stockport food bank. The children gained a lot from this experience learning about caring for those in the local community. At St. Thomas’ we feel that it would be beneficial for all of the children to learn more about caring for those in the local community and how this can be done. Thus contributing to our community links project part of the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum. Since then each year group is allocated one month to create a food parcel that we can then donate to Stockport food bank, as a way of continuing our much needed support throughout the academic year.

We have been in contact with the food bank and they have informed us that all food will be greatly received. At the beginning of each month we will be sending out a letter to our parents of the chosen class requesting their support for what we hope they will agree is a worthwhile cause. We will inform parents of a couple of key items which the food bank are currently running low on. The food parcel will then be delivered at the end of the month. All donations are welcome large or small and will be much appreciated.

Thank you to those who have donated, Nursery and Reception who donated in September, Year 1 in October, Year 2 in February, Year 3 in March, Year 4 in April and Year 5 and 6 in June.MacMillan – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

MacMillan Cancer Support are a charity that help and support people affected by cancer; from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. They aim to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer; they do this by helping give people the energy, strength and inspiration to take back control, live life to the full and feel more like themselves again as ‘life with cancer is still life’.

This year to help raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support we held a cake sale in the morning for pupils and a cake sale in the afternoon for our parents and carers. Staff and pupils came to school wearing something green, from jumpers to socks and bows in our hair. We also held a special raffle for the chance to win a family ticket to watch a Stockport County football match.

In total we raised £215.52 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Wellspring – Harvest Festival

The Wellspring is a charity that provides help and support for homeless and disadvantaged people. They help people who are sleeping rough to get off the streets and into accommodation, people who are at risk of becoming homeless, they provide educational courses, recreational classes and health services. The Wellspring Centre which is based in the centre of Stockport is open 365 days a year to offer free food and drink, hot showers, clean clothing, blankets, sleeping bags and vital support.

This year we decided to support the Wellspring by giving them our donations from the Harvest Festival to help them to continue providing the support they do to the people who need it most.BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need is a charity that aims to help every child in the UK have a childhood that is safe, happy and secure and one which allows them the chance to reach their full potential. Children in Need provides grants to projects across the UK which work with children and young people who are disadvantaged; this may be through poverty and deprivation, children who have been victims of neglect or abuse or due to disability. Children in Need currently supports 2400 projects; one local project that receives funding from Children in Need is Stockport Young Carers.

This year to raise money for Children in Need and to help them continue funding projects, children and staff from St. Thomas’ came to school dressed as heroes. Some children choose to come dressed as well-known superheroes and some choose to come as their own hero such as their mum or dad or idol.

In total we raised £120.96 for Children in Need.


Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal helps to provide modern veterans, service men, women and their families with crucial advice and support. The poppy is worn as a symbol of remembrance for those who have fallen but it is also a symbol for the future of the living.

In the lead up to remembrance Sunday St. Thomas’ staff and children had the opportunity to buy a poppy and items from the Poppy Day goodie box to show their support for this charity and the fantastic work they do supporting those who have fought to keep our country free and safe, and the families of those men and women who gave their lives and did not return.

The total amount we have raised for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal will be coming soon!


Over the past year St. Thomas’ has been working alongside Chester Zoo in a project called ‘Sing for Songbirds’. The aim of the project was to raise awareness about the threat of extinction to the beautiful songbirds of South-East Asia. These rare birds are being captured by the locals and kept in cages with up to 30 or 40 birds; they are then sold on illegal markets and used for singing competitions or kept in cages as a symbol of status. The forests of Indonesia are rapidly falling silent; Chester Zoo refuses to stand back and let these birds disappear forever but they need our help.

To show our support for the work they are doing we held a special non-uniform day in aid of ‘Sing for Songbirds’. All of the donations raised were sent directly to Act for Wildlife and the conservation work to save the songbirds.

In total we raised £161.33 for Act for Wildlife.

To find out more about the ‘Sing for Songbirds’ project and other conservation projects led by Chester Zoo please visit the Act for Wildlife Website.


Epilepsy Action is a charity that aims to improve the lives of everyone living with epilepsy by providing advice, improving healthcare, helping to fund research and campaigning for change. Epilepsy Action believes a wider awareness and understanding of epilepsy will lead to people with living with the condition being treated fairly and with respect.

For National Epilepsy Awareness Day Miss Weekes and Miss Davenport held a special assembly for the children to increase their knowledge and understanding of the condition and what they can do to help someone; the presentation had been specifically designed by Epilepsy Action for children in schools. We also asked children and staff to come to school wearing something purple to help raise awareness.

If you wish to find out more about Epilepsy please visit the Epilepsy Action Website

In total we raised £62.50 for Epilepsy Action.

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