Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs

Our chicken eggs have arrived a little bit earlier this year. We have 7 eggs that we hope to see hatch over the next week or so. They are currently being kept warm in a special incubator in the Entrance hall.  Once the eggs hatch they will remain in their incubator for around 18 hours, enough time for them to recover from all their hard work hatching. They will then be transferred in pairs into their brooder box, where they can play together. The chicks don’t usually eat or drink much in the first 24/48 hours, but they soon make up for this!

These chicks are called ‘Nova Browns’. You are usually able to tell if the chicks are boys or girls as the boys are often yellow in colour and the girls are brown. A couple of days after hatching, once the chicks have got used to their surroundings you can carefully pick them up and hold them for a couple of minutes. The chicks are usually very gentle and will be quite happy to sit in your hand or on your lap.

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 Please check in regularly to see how the chicks are progressing and if any have hatched!


The Eggs have arrived!

We have not had any chicks hatch over the weekend. Our Nursery children have been keeping an eye on them today.

Some very small cracks have appeared on three of the eggs! We are very excited. We hope to see some chicks tomorrow.

When we arrived at school today we were greeted by 6 chicks! They had been busy hatching over night and were all very tired this morning. They were moved into their brooding box to rest and recover. Our 7th chick hatched at lunch time, which we were lucky enough to see and video to share with you.

All of the chicks are happy and healthy and have been chirping away! Now they have settled the children have been taking it in turns to have cuddles with them.

The chicks have had a lovely quiet weekend and have grown much bigger. They have also now begun to develop feathers on their wings.

The chicks are not quite a week old but they are getting big. They have also been getting more adventurous jumping on top of their water tub! Our Year One children have been helping to clean them out today.

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