Health and Well Being Week

Health and Well Being Week

During the Autumn term we held a St. Thomas’ Health and Well Being Week; throughout the week children took part in a variety of activities learning about different aspects of health, some of the activities are detailed below.

  • At the beginning of the week Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children took part in basic first aid training delivered by St. John’s Ambulance. All children were taught how to recognise an emergency and if an emergency occurs what actions should be taken, e.g. phoning 999. Key Stage 2 children were also taught what to do if someone is bleeding, e.g. applying pressure to the wound. Our Upper Key Stage 2 children also learnt about other types of injuries and how to perform CPR.
  • On Wednesday morning parents and carers of our Early Years Foundation Stage children were invited into school to a special stay and play session to take part in ‘Bertie and Friends’ First Aid activities.
  • All children took part in an oral health and hygiene session delivered by Stockport NHS Dental Health Team. They learnt about the importance of good oral health and what we can do to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Staff from Stockport Mind delivered a session to each year group surrounding mental health. The sessions were based on exploring what our feelings mean, recognising our emotions, identifying if any feelings are really “bad” and promoting positive self worth. Our Early Years Foundation Stage parents were invited to join us for this in a special stay and play session on Friday morning.
  • Each class completed activities that highlighted the importance of healthy living, including health eating and regular exercise.
  • There was lots of useful tips and ideas on how to improve your child’s health displayed around school for parents and carers to see. Some of these can be seen below.
  • At the end of the week we held a special assembly for all our parents and carers to come along and see what we had been up to! Each class prepared a short presentation. This include a song from our Early Years Foundation Stage children.







Useful Tips and Ideas for Improving Your Child’s Health and Well Being

Get your child involved with food shopping.

You could let the help by holding your shopping list or asking them to find the healthy foods on the list. It will keep them entertained and help them learn about healthy eating.

Take up a hobby.

Hobbies can be active and fun. Help your child find something they enjoy and they will be more likely to keep it up. This is also a great way for them to meet new friends and develop relationships.

Let’s get cooking!

Get your child to help with preparing and cooking meals. They will be more likely to try new things if they have helped to make them and you will be teaching them essential skills for the future.

Healthy transport.

Instead of driving to school you could walk, cycle or ride a scooter, it’s a great way to get more active and it will save you money on fuel!!

Focus on your food.

Watching the TV whilst eating your tea can make you eat more than you need to without realising; switch off the TV and eat at a table. This can help to create regular family time.

Get Dancing!

Switch on the radio and dance to your favourite songs, learn new routines and perform them to the rest of the family. A great way to get active and have fun together.

Make time for breakfast.

Your child needs food in order for their body to function properly; breakfast in the morning helps prepare their body for the day ahead. Come along to our breakfast club and your child can have a healthy breakfast with friends.

Plan your meals ahead.

Think about the meals you want to cook throughout the week and create a shopping list based on the ingredients you will need. This will help save you money and you can choose healthy meals together that you will all enjoy.

Be active every day.

Children aged 5 – 16 years need 60 minutes of exercise per day in addition to the exercise they do at school. This can include a variety of activities. Find new ways to be active each day to keep it fun and interesting.


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