Internet Safety

Current Advice from CEOP: 

Advice to parents  – they should work to create a positive relationship with their children around their internet use, closely supervising younger children’s online access, and crucially, ensuring their children feel they can tell them (or another trusted adult) if they ever encounter anything worrying. Parental controls go some way to protecting children from accidentally viewing disturbing content but are unlikely to prevent it in many cases, for example when content  has been deliberately spliced into content aimed at children. Inappropriate content should be reported direct to the online service it appears on”.

Internet Safety is vitally important to us at St Thomas, which is why we have regular sessions with children discussing both the benefits and dangers of the online world. 

We are a National Online Safety certified school and offer a wide range of workshops, teaching and training for all of our staff, governors, children and parents/carers. Here some other ways we try to keep children safe online: 

  • School’s internet service is heavily filtered by our Internet Service Provider.
  • We have a current E-safety Policy
  • When teaching Computing, our staff include online safety as part of the curriculum.
  • We run regular assemblies which give children opportunities to learn about and discuss online safety issues. All children are also aware that if they are ever worried about anything they can talk to any adult in school about this and are always welcome to go and see Mrs. Willett or Mrs. Gray. 
  • Teachers run workshops to teach children and adults about online safety and cyber-bullying issues.
  • Posters are displayed around school.




Please download the Parent Guidelines below for specific Apps and websites and some advice for online use. 

Instagram Online Safety Guide March 2019





Roblox Parents Guide V2 081118

Screen Addiction June 2019


TikTok Online Safety Guide March 2019


Grand Theft Auto 


Minecraft-Parents-Guide-091118 (2)

MOMO-Online-Safety-Guide-for-Parents-FEB-2019 (1)

Please do not hesitate to ask our e-Safety lead (Mrs. Willett) any questions about online safety. 


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