Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners Questionnaire Feedback

Thank you to all who took the time to fill in the questionnaire at Parents/Carers Evening in October 2016.  These are the results for the parents/carers who responded.


Quality of learning and care

Strongly agree Agree Sometimes agree Disagree Dont    know
My child is happy at St Thomas 76% 17% 7% 0% 0%
I am made to feel welcome 76% 17% 4% 2% 0%
I am kept well informed about what happens at the school 40% 36% 20% 4% 0%
The ‘Friday Letter’ is useful and keeps me informed of what is happening in school. 49% 35% 7% 2% 7%
I am able to talk about my child’s learning and development to staff 66% 25% 7% 2% 0%
Children are consulted about their likes and dislikes 38% 49% 0% 2% 11%
Children’s interest are taken into account 52% 34% 6% 1% 7%
There are plenty of activities to interest my child 59% 35% 4% 2% 0%
The  school helps my child feel good about him/herself 65% 29% 4% 0% 2%
My child is learning well at school 69% 27% 2% 0% 2%
Staff encourage children to behave well 69% 26% 2% 2% 2%
My child’s needs are met and supported well at the  school 64% 30% 6% 0% 0%
My child is encouraged to be healthy 59% 37% 0% 2% 2%
I am confident that staff will do their best to protect children from harm 78% 21% 2% 0% 0%
Staff have good relationships with parents and carers 68% 28% 2% 2% 0%
The school  is interested in and values my views 51% 36% 7%   6%
Parent/carer meetings are useful and take place at a suitable time 54% 36% 8% 2% 0%
I get ideas from school about things that support my child’s learning at home 49% 39% 4% 4% 4%
I regularly refer to the school website to find out about what is going on in school 33% 22% 33% 11% 3%
I find the website informative 36% 22% 28% 5% 8%
I would be interested in becoming more involved in my child’s learning in school (if you strongly agree/agree please use the further comments box to give examples of how you would like to become more involved 50% 25% 19% 3% 3%

What we do well?

  • As my daughter has only attended the school for two months I am unable to say for sure how well the school is performing. Although I have no issues I need to raise at this moment in time. (YN)
  • Friendly school, supportive approachable teachers. (YN and Y3)
  • Very friendly staff. (Y1 and 3)
  • Support my child’s learning and pick up on where they need help. (Y1)
  • Friendly, happy school, lots to offer the children and parents. (Y1 and 4)
  • The Friday assembly is good and I think it motivates the children. Teachers and staff are friendly. (YR, 1, 2 and 4)
  • Make the children feel comfortable and want to come to school. ****** is always enthusiastic to be attending school. Very happy with his teacher. (Y1)
  • The school is a lovely caring and nurturing environment, we feel like we are part of a family at St. Thomas’ I feel that we are supported and our needs are catered for. I feel the school has continued to improve its strengths during the time we have been part of it. (Y2)
  • How you help children with any problems. (Y2)
  • Dedicating time to spend 1-to-1 with the children. (Y2)
  • Listen well when I have a query about my child and when in a predicament the staff always go above and beyond like giving me advice on referrals. Me and my children are very happy with the school. (Y2)
  • Listen and understand the feelings of the kids. (Y3)
  • Any issues are resolved quickly. (Y3)
  • Themed programme of learning. (Y4)
  • Sense of belonging to school. Great breakfast club. Individual needs met. (Y4)
  • I would like to come to see them read. (Y4)
  • I think the school and teachers are very good, feel very content in ******* learning and think she is coming on well. (Y4)
  • I have been impressed with my child’s learning, 3 weeks into starting here there was a great improvement. I am glad my child attends your school. Brilliant teachers. (YR)
  • She is interested in what is taught at school. (Y4)
  • Very good staff. (Y4)
  • Make learning fun and school a happy place my son wants to be. (Y4)
  • Activities for the children (Not specified)
  • When my child does not know something I like it when you don’t give up until they know it. (Y4)

 What could we do better?

  • Inform parents when things happen on that day (Y1).

We do apologise about this and we continue to strive to give parents/carers sufficient notice.  Please do ask your child if they have been given letters and please do check their bags as I know that there are many occasions when letters given out at the end of the day seem to mysteriously vaporise on the way home.

  • Text messages/emails to inform parents of any changes e.g. cancelled sports day etc. (YR, 1, 2 and 4)

We try very hard not to cancel events as we know how it messes people about and also that you may have booked the day off work.  However, in the case of Sports Days we are beholden to the weather and have to consider the safety of the children on any given day.  We do try to make decisions as early as possible on the day if the weather is against us.

  • A text service! My children sometimes don’t give me the letters. (Y1 and 4)

We have had lengthy talks with a texting service as we agree that it would be a good idea.  However, we have decided against this option for now as we would be required to share the numbers of all parents/carers with the company; and also many of our parents change their numbers on a regular basis and “forget” to tell us so would not receive the messages and there would be a cost to school.

  • Communication, letters home earlier, more notice of events, i.e. non-uniform days etc. (Y4)

At the beginning of each half term we send home a calendar of events for the coming half term.  This is also placed on the website.  We also send out further reminders nearer the time of any specific event.  If there is the occasional event that is arranged at short notice we do try to give as much notice as possible so please do keep checking your child’s bag/coat pockets/the website.

  • Text service. (Y 4)

Please refer to my comments above.

  • Give us more notice on days out, activities and charity days. (non-uniform) (Y2 – E.W)

Please refer to my comments above.

  • Help explain more easily. (Y5)

Mr Kelly has been holding a series of workshops for parents to help them to explain homework in a way that supports the methods the children will be learning in school (particularly in Maths).  Mrs Rowles has also been holding reading workshops for parents/carers in her class.  We are looking at holding these for other classes throughout the school if the demand is there.

  • More after clubs. (Y4)

We do have a programme of After-school Clubs and if we have requests for other clubs we do listen but there has to be sufficient demand and the staff to run the club.  All staff run the clubs out of commitment to the children as it is not part of their contracts and I am sure that you will applaud that commitment.  We do occasionally have an outside provider deliver clubs but this is at a cost to the school and also a considerable amount of admin ensuring that our children are safeguarded.

  • (Y4 –E.S)

Thank you J

  • Introduce after school club. (Not specified)

See above

  • Communicate more. Informed member of staff of hospital or doctor’s appointment but still received a call to ask where child was. (Y4)

Occasionally a message may not get through to the person doing the First Day Phoning, and I would rather we make the mistake that way round than have a child slip through the net.  I do apologise if we have phoned after you have left a message but I am sure you understand that it is a genuine mistake.

  • If parent knew on a weekly basis what the children are learning so that they could contribute at home on top of the grid. (Y4)

At the start of the school year we introduced Friday letters whereby teachers should send home a brief plan of what the children will be learning about in school the following week.  I will check with staff that this is still happening and could you please check your child’s book bag for any such letters.

  • Happy with things as they are. (Y3)

Thank you.

  • One way road outside school. (Y1 and 3).

We would LOVE Marriott Street to be a one way road, but unfortunately this is not our decision to make.  If parents feel strongly about this they need to contact the Highways Department and maybe Stockport Council/your local councillor.  This would require much consultation and even then it is an extremely complex situation.  However, it would help greatly if parents/carers did not park other than in the allocated bays and certainly not on the pavement and/or double park, particularly at the St Thomas’ Place end of Marriott Street. Parking on the pavement is extremely dangerous and we have recently had TWO near misses where children have very nearly been run over because of selfish parents having no regard for the safety of the children.  We have asked for Parking Attendants to be present to avoid this happening and have also passed on registration numbers to the council/police.

 Further comments:

  • I would like to be involved in any activities/learning with my child. What options are there? (Y2)

We hold our termly parents activities days when you can come in to hare your child’s learning with them, and we are looking into having a Parent Council to increase parental participation in school so please watch this space.

  • Communicating with her teacher is what I can do at home to help, come in to school and observe. (Website never up to date.) (Y1)

See previous comments re helping at home.  We are aware that there is still work to be done on the website but we ARE trying extremely hard and Mrs Holt does as much as she can to ensure it is, but it is down to others to give her the content to publish.

  • I will be happy to attend more classes to help out and watch how my child learns. (Y1 and 4)

Whilst we do appreciate offers of help in the classrooms our policy is not to have parent helpers due to the extreme vulnerability of some of our children and the need for confidentiality.  We do try to invite parents in to experience things with their own child.

  • I would like to be involved in any activities/learning with my child. What options are there? (YR)
  • I know that Mrs Rowles is keen to encourage parental involvement in children’s learning and I expect that there will be developments in this in the New Year.
  • How to help my child with numeracy and literacy at home. (Y4)

Please see previous answers.

  • To help me explain more easily and slowly. (Y5)

Please see previous answers.

  • Fantastic school, thank you for helping **** to enjoy school again. (Y4)

Very many thanks.  We would love all our children to love coming to school and work hard to make St Thomas’ a caring sharing community where all feel welcome and safe.

  • More info for parents. (Y4)

I am interested to know what information parents want from us as a school and if the person who shared this thought could tell me what information they require – or any other parent would like more information of a specific nature we are keen to work with you to make this happen.  Please feel free to approach me or a member of staff and we will try to take on board your thoughts.

  • I would be happy to help with anything I am needed to. (Y4)

Thank you for your kind offer.  We do need helpers on trips now and again, but for helping in school please refer to my previous answers.

  • I would like to request extra math and spellings support to be sent home when a child is struggling in that area. (Y4)

If a child is struggling in a specific area we have mechanisms in school to identify this and introduce interventions to help them.  Mr Kelly introduced his parent workshops to help parents understand the methods used, and I am sure that if you approach your child’s teacher they will be more than willing to help.  Please do not be afraid to ask – I have not taught in a classroom for longer than I want to admit and some of the stuff they do now confounds me – and I am sure I didn’t do it until I was at Grammar School – I sometimes have to ask Mr Kelly explain it to me!

  • Very good school. (Y1 and 3)

Thank you again.

If you commented and do not see your point above please do not hesitate to contact me and I will give you a personal explanation.

We are constantly striving to not only improve our educational standards, but the all-around package we offer our children and you as the extended part of our school family.  We do our best as a school to ensure we meet the needs of all our children, whilst recognising their individual strengths and qualities; and a major part of that is building on the positive British values you instil in them before they join us, giving all our children the opportunity to become a valued and respected member of their community.  We do that by recognising and building on their existing skills, knowledge and understanding as well as their individual interests and talents.  To ensure the best possible results for your child we are committed to broadening their life experiences as well as offering a broad and balanced curriculum building on the experiences our children may have already had and knowledge they have already gained.  By working with you as parents/carers we hope to ensure that every single one of our children fulfil their individual potential and leave us for high school ready and prepared to face the challenges that will bring.

We cannot do it without your support.  So very many thanks you those parents who do support your child and us in aiming to ensure they get the chance to be the best they can be.

Jill Gray


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