Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week


The Theme this year for Road Safety Week set by the Road Safety Charity Brake is ‘Speed Down, Saves Lives’.

In the UK speeding is a major cause of needless crashes which can result in unimaginable suffering and which can prevent people living safe and healthy lives.

There is a lot of encouragement to drive fast in the media such as car programmes, films and adverts; and with new vehicles that can go faster and are more powerful than ever before speed is often glamorised. However the reality of driving fast is very different as it can and does cost people their lives.

A driver’s speed can determine whether or not a vehicle can stop in time and prevent them hitting someone or something, this could be something unexpected such as a child walking out into the road between cars. If the vehicle is travelling to fast to stop, the speed will determine how hard the impact will be.

This year’s theme ‘Speed Down, Saves Lives’ aims to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and encourage people to drive at a safe speed.


During Road Safety Week all of the children discussed ways they can keep themselves safe on the roads, especially during these dark mornings/evenings. They were all asked to think about their journey to school or a walk they do regularly, how do/can they ensure they are safe?

All of the children in Key Stage 1 were asked to design a coat that would be perfect for wearing on a dark day to help drivers to see them and therefore, ‘Speed Down’.

All of the children in Key Stage 2 were asked to design a, ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’ hand.



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