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September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome Back

A belated warm welcome back to you all and also welcome to our new children and families.  I hope that you all had a restful summer.  It was lovely to see our children back on our first day, 99% of whom were resplendent in correct school uniform.  The children seem to have settled well into their new classes and I am hearing very positive things from the teachers about the starts made by their new classes.  Let’s hope that this continues as we must work harder than ever to raise standards throughout the school.


I am sure you will join with us all in congratulating the new Mrs Williams (Miss Leigh) who got married on the first weekend of the summer holidays and I am sure that you will agree that the bride looked beautiful on her big day, and the sun shone for the happy couple.

Other Staff News

Miss Lee has now had both hips replaced and is hopefully now on the mend and pain free.  We do not yet have a return date but look forward to welcoming her back in the near future.

Nigel Scott, who is a part-time member of our Admin team remains absent with illness for which he is receiving ongoing treatment.  We all wish him well and hope that he is soon able to be up and about – and getting to The Etihad!!  Presently Pat, our recently retired Learning Mentor, and Nigel’s wife, is caring for Nigel at home during his treatment and we send our best wishes to them both.

Last but not least I have Mrs Gaskell’s permission to share with you the happy news that she is expecting her first child early in the New Year.  I am sure you will join with us to share your congratulations and wish her a trouble free pregnancy and safe delivery.  Baby Gaskell will also be the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents.  Exciting times!

Summer Sports Clubs

Mrs Holt, Mrs Brokenbrow and Liam report that the Summer Sports Club was well attended and everyone had a good time.  Thanks to parents/carers who ensured that having made the commitment to attend that the children did actually attend.  Our policy is that should a child sign up and not turn up they will go to the bottom of the list next time a club is offered.  I have made this decision as we have more children wanting to attend than places available and it is unfair to children who do not get a place for that place to be allocated to a child who does not turn up.

Summer Holiday Work in School

During the Summer holidays we have had all classrooms and the KS2 stairwell painted, as well as replacing the carpet and anti-slip grips on the stairs; and all large PE equipment has been inspected and serviced.

Communication & Information Sharing

School Calendar

You should have received the termly calendar for this half term.  Please note the dates already highlighted.  There may be other dates/events added but the ones we already know about are highlighted on the Termly Calendar.  This will also be included on the school website should you lose the paper version.

School Website

Newsletters, term dates and lots of other information is posted on our school website should you lose any of the letter we send out to you.  We are also busy preparing our updated whole school curriculum for inclusion on the site.  Each class also has their own page where you will find lots of useful information.

School Planners

Please take time to have a read of your child’s school planner as at the front and also at the back of each planner there is lots of information for you as parents/carers as well as for your child.  There are also several pages that we need you to sign.  Teachers will also write in the planners, and we encourage you to do the same.  This will not replace face to face conversations but is a useful method of sending short messages/letting teachers know that your child has been heard to read etc.

Verbal Communication

All teachers at St Thomas’ are more than willing to discuss your child’s progress with you as well as any concerns you may have about your child.  However, they cannot do this when your child comes into school as they have a class of children to start the school day with.  There are occasions they may not be able to speak at length at 3pm, but will try to accommodate you or make an alternative time so that they can give you their undivided attention.  Please do approach your child’s teacher in the first instance as they have so much more information about the children in their class than I do.  If you feel that the teacher is unable to resolve your concern then by all means seek me out to speak to me.  My door is always open to talk to parent/carers, but as with the teachers there are times when I am unable to speak with you immediately.  However, I will try to speak to any concerned parent/carer as soon as is possible.  We too have your child’s best interests at the heart of all we do.

Again, I do need to remind some that we are not here to be verbally abused or shouted at.  Mrs Evans, our School Business Manager and member of the school’s Leadership Team, and Mrs Holt our Admin are usually the first point of contact at the main entrance and shouting at them will not be tolerated.  We have policies and rules that we as a school are legally required to stick to, and sometimes you as parents/carers may not like those rules and policies – sometimes neither do we – but we do have a professional duty to adhere to them. So shouting at staff will not get you any further any quicker, indeed we have a zero tolerance of any kind of abusive language or behaviour and you will be required to leave the premises; or if on the telephone, staff will end the call.  Mrs Evans and Mrs Holt are merely trying to do their jobs and ensure that as a school we are compliant with statutory policies and procedures, and sometimes they do have difficult messages to give. 

Christmas Pantomime

We will shortly be sending out the Christmas Pantomime letters to children throughout the school.  Please note that this year we have made the decision that the trip will only be open to the children.  There will be a need for parent helpers in some classes and individual teachers will be responsible for arranging their helpers.

France 2018

Letters will be sent out on Monday or Tuesday next week regarding our 2 yearly trip to Disneyland Paris.  It will be exactly the same trip as in previous years and is open to children from Y3 to Y6.  The dates for the trip are 21st – 24th May 2018, inclusive.  This gives the children 2 full days at the theme parks and a trip into Paris.  All meals and insurances are covered in the price. We anticipate the cost of the trip to be around £350 – £360 per child. 

Stockport Town Centre Regeneration

As part of the regeneration of Mersey Square our present Y6 children worked with an artist producing images of Stockport on Silk.  Four of these images were then chosen to be part of a project in the centre of the town.  Last week the four children whose work was chosen were involved in an event where press were invited and had their photographs taken for Stockport Express.  Hopefully the pictures will be in the paper in the very near future.  All the silk painting are amazing and we will be displaying them in the entrance hall in the near future.  Until then, here is a sneak preview of a random selection.






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