Sing for Songbirds

Sing for Songbirds

St. Thomas’ will be working alongside Chester Zoo over the coming weeks in a project called ‘Sing for Songbirds’. The project aims to raise awareness about the threat of extinction to the beautiful songbirds of South-East Asia. These rare birds are being captured by the locals and kept in cages with up to 30 or 40 birds; they are then sold on illegal markets and used for singing competitions or kept in cages as a symbol of status. The forests of Indonesia are rapidly falling silent; Chester Zoo refuses to stand back and let these birds disappear forever but they need our help.

Caged Songbirds (Act for Wildlife)Illegal Markets (Chester Zoo)

In a series of workshops rangers from Chester Zoo will be coming into school and teaching our children from Reception to Year 6 about different songbirds from around the world. The children will be taking part in a variety of activities, including learning a special song written to raise awareness and inspire young conservationists.

Javan Green Magpie (Chester Zoo)Black Winged Starling (Chester Zoo)

They are also inviting all of the children (from Reception to Year 6) to visit Chester Zoo for the day; they will cover the cost of entry to the zoo and transport to and from so the children have the opportunity to see some of the wonderful songbirds they have been learning about as well as lots of other animals. Whilst at the zoo they will also be taking part in some extra activities and workshops with the zoo rangers.

Asian Fairy Bluebird (Chester Zoo)

Rufous-Fronted Laughing Thrush (BBC)

So as a thank you for all of their hard work and to show our support for the work they are doing, on Friday 16th February we will be holding a special non-uniform day in aid of ‘Sing for Songbirds’. All of the donations raised will go directly to Act for Wildlife and the conservation work to save the songbirds. The children will also be performing the song they have learnt in our Celebration Assembly at 2:30pm. Parents and Carers are invited to join us and show your support.

To find out more about the ‘Sing for Songbirds’ project and other conservation projects led by Chester Zoo please visit the Act for Wildlife Website.

Please come back soon to have a look at what our children have been up to with the rangers.

Workshop 1                                    

Friday 26th January 2018

Today, two park rangers from Chester Zoo have been in to school and completed a 50 minute workshop with each class from Reception to Year 6.

In this workshop we have been learning about birds – we sorted animals out into different categories based on certain criteria (all birds have a beak, feathers, wings and lay eggs).

We found out about songbirds that live in this country, we learnt their names and the different sound/songs they sing. We played games to see if we could work out which bird was singing – blackbird, robin, song thrush or blue tit.

We then found out about songbirds that live in Indonesia and made an origami songbird. All the children and staff are very excited about the next workshop on 5th February!

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