Sports Events 2016/2017

Sports Events 2016/2017

Throughout the year we have taken part in a variety of different sports events and activities. You can have a look at how we got on, read our children’s comments and see some of our photographs below.


In September our Year 6 children took part in an athletics event at Stockport School. "I loved everything at Stockport School" Shelby. "I really loved jumping over the hurdles because it got my heart pumping and i tried to go faster each time". Deegan

1st Half: A Slow start from St. Thomas'. Greenbank start with some great two touch passing. St. Thomas' were all over the show, they were 13-0 down at half time. Some great saves from both goalkeepers, with a tremendous two hand save just before the break from Alex. 2nd Half: A decent start to the second half from St. Thomas'. Greenbank once again controlling the ball with lovely passing. About 17 minutes into to the 20 minute half a brilliant run from Freddie, he ran through most of the Greenbank team, but with just the keeper to beat he missed. The match end up 18-0 to Greenbank. Man of the Match is Alex Match Report by Freddie.

St. Thomas’ started passing slowly, out of nowhere a player from their team comes dribbling past our defence and a great chance of scoring came their way, scored perfectly. We did try to play on two touches but sometimes it didn’t work. Later on they try crossing it in but a fantastic save from our goal keeper Alex. It Ended 6-0. Man of the match is Stuart. Match report by Darren.

St. Thomas had kicked off. Stuart our left midfielder dribbled down the line, gave the ball to Freddie our striker and what was this, ooh and he scores! Happy days for St. Thomas’. A brilliant run from the other team and a powerful shot and it goes in. We get kick off again and Stuart passes the ball. Darren our left defender runs down the line and a lucky goal by Darren. At the end of the match the scores were 5-2 to Cheadle Catholic. Man of the Match is Stuart. Match report by Darren.

In November our year 3 parents and carers were invited to come along and join us in a special P.E lesson. "We did lots of fun activities to keep us active and healthy and everybody had lots of fun. My favourite one was hula hooping and for a challenge we used two hula hoops". Isabelle "My favourite part was jumping over the hurdles because i did it one footed". Owyn

We went to a football match yesterday and started 3:30pm, we worked as a team to try and win. We started and the other team kept on shooting at me and I saved some, but I let some in. We scored 1 goal and we did great that half. The second half I let more goals in, but that doesn’t matter. We did great and made good choices. Near the end Freddie got a penalty and the other team blocked it. The other team did good. Then at the end we shook hands and went home. Man of the match is Darren. Match Report by Alex.

In December Year 5 and 6 took part in the School Games Event Spirit of the Games at Stockport School. "We arrived at Stockport School. We went inside and played some activities. The first activity was a race we needed to go through the high step then we jumped 10 times then jumped over hurdles and finally jumped on a place holder and ran back. We did Javelin, as far as you can jump and lap races. It was really good. We all enjoyed it".

In January children from Year 1 and 2 took part in a sports Event held at Bolshaw Primary School. "We did sports" Aaliyan. "It was amazing and exciting" Evie.

In January children took part in a Mini Whistles Event at Aquinas College. "It was really fun when we got to play football".

In January our girl's football team played a home match against St. Mary's. "The match was fun. The scores were 9-4 to St. Mary's".

In February a group of children took part in a Kurling Event at Aquinas College. What did you do? "Kurling and it was so much fun, I have to tell my dad". "We did lots of matches, I have to try it again sometime because it's not the most serious thing in your life, it's not about that". What did you learn? "Like I said it was really fun and also we learnt how to use and play with the equipment".

In March a group of children took part in a Dodgeball tournament. "There was balls flying left, right and centre. There were some hard teams that could throw some hard balls. But there was some easy teams. We won a couple of matches and we lost a couple of matches. The best part was that we made it into the finals". Darren

In March our boy's football team played Greenbank at home. "We were against Greenbank. But we lost 8-6. It was fun because I nearly scored and it was a close match".

On Wednesday 5th July, 4 pupils from St. Thomas' took part in a Level 3 Kurling Competition. They had been practicing their Kurling skills in preparation for the event after winning their previous 2 competitions. We are all very proud of the children to have made it to the final and be representing Stockport against 12 other schools from the different boroughs across Manchester. The day began with an opening celebration ceremony at Sport City followed by the Level 3 final taking place at the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester. “We went to the Etihad Stadium to compete in Kurling and we won 3rd place BRONZE medals and badges!!! It was me William, Alfie, Conner and Joseph. We felt like champs!”

In July Nursery and Reception took part in Sports Day. They have shared what they enjoyed about their day. Nursery children enjoyed running and jumping, throwing the ball to see how far, running to the cones and jumping over the red things (hurdles). Reception enjoyed: "I like sports because I like the jumping and the throwing and the running and the giving". "I like sports day because we play lots of games and throwing and running and jumping and throwing balls".


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