Sports Events 2017/2018

Sports Events 2017/2018

Throughout the year we have been taking part in a variety of different sports events and activities. You can have a look at how we got on, read our children’s comments and see some of our photographs below.

On the 27th September some of the Year 5 and 6 played a match against Cheadle Catholic. The teams were 5 a side. While we waited we did a warm up; first we did a warm up without the ball, after that we did a warm up with the ball, we passed to anyone just to get into the habit of passing to Year 6 and 5. When the match started St. Thomas' kicked off. We went straight for attack but we could not score because the goalie was just too good. Liam was referee, but a really good one. But the most important thing was not the score, not who won, it was that we took part and enjoyed it. Match Report by Mati

We did some jogging. I liked the running. Noah, Year 1.

On the 3rd October 2017 we went to Larkhill Primary School for a football match. Freddie, Jessica, Daniel, Mati, Jake, Jesse, Rowan and me, Ella went. We went on a minibus to get there and back. We won 8-7; Freddie and Jess scored 3 and Mati and Jesse scored 1. The man of the match was Jesse because he had good technique and dribbling skills. We all enjoyed it, it was really fun. The other team were good and enjoyed it as well. Liam and the parents were all proud of us and we were all proud of ourselves. We all liked playing against Larkhill and would like to play against them in the future. Our team St.Thomas'were encouraged by the parents and Liam. It was amazing! Match report by Ella-Mae.

On the 31st October Year 6 took part in an indoor athletics day. Lots of other schools also took part that are in the same area as Stockport School. There was lots of opportunities for us to compete against the other schools. In the event we had to jump over things, run, do quick feet and speed bounce plus lots of other stuff. There were high school children helping us and showing us what to do. It was really fun and encouraged us to use more teamwork. the other school were really good and they also used lots of teamwork. We would like to do more events like that in the future.

On Friday 10th November the girl's school football team played against St. Mary's team away. 5 players were playing while 5 subs were watching. Ella-Mae was the man of the match as she was passing and helping when we needed it most. We had 2 defenders, 1 midfielder, 1 goalie and 1 striker. The score was 11-4, although we lost we still had a fantastic time! Our subs were Lilly, me (Destiny), Malika, Patti and Imogen and the people who were playing were Darcie, Lucy, Ella, Jessica and Rabecca. Overall we had a spectacular time and we can't wait to play another match. Darcie scored many goals, Lucy was a fantastic striker, Lilly and Jess were amazing goalies, Patti was a great defender and midfielder, me and Malika were happily defenders and Rabecca and Imogen were midfielders. Match report by Destiny.

Yesterday (22nd November) at half past three we had a football game against Larkhill. It was a 5 a side game. Jesse was in net, Stuart was in defence, and Daniel was in midfield with Mati and Jake upfront. In the first two minutes Jake scored then Larkhill scored 5; at the end of the game the score was 5-1 to them. Charlie was in the net for the second game, Theo was in defence, and Asim was in midfield with Rowan and Alfie upfront. In the first 5 minutes of the second half Asim scored 2 then Jonjo came on for Alfie and Jonjo scored. The score was 3-6 to them at the end of the game. Then in the third game Charlie was in the net, Theo in defence, Asim midfield with Jonjo and Alfie upfront. In the first half we scored and they scored three and at the end of the game the scores was 3-1 to them. On the fourth game Alex was in the net, Elliott was in defence, Tyler was in midfield with Mati and Rowan upfront. Match Report by Asim.

Yesterday, on the 29th January the girl's football team played a match at home against Cheadle Catholic. We didn't have subs because we had 6 people and they had 16! The score ended 11-5 to us. The girls did really well considering they didn't really have a long rest.

Today, 1/2/18, me, Daniel, Jess, Freddie, Darcie, Mati, Charlie, and Jonjo went on an excellent trip to a Man City tournament. When we got there the pitch had snow everywhere, we didn’t let that beat us. We were all very cold. When we did the warm-up we were ready to go. The first match we lost 4-0 but Liam kindly gave us some helpful tips that helped us in the next match. Everyone did well but I think Freddie was player of the match because he scored goals, passed and helped the team a lot. We lost most of our matches and drew one. I didn’t care, it’s all about taking part and having fun. Charlie did some great saves. After that, we got onto the mini-bus and went back to school. Report written by Jesse.


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