Year 3 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

We had a great half term learning all about fashion design and how to overcome shyness and become more confident and well as manage our feelings of worry or anxiety. Thank you for the work you did at home on spellings and times tables – we realise with busy lives homework can be a battle but please know it makes a big difference when it comes to the spelling test! However, the main thing you can do to support your child is read regularly with them at home so please do prioritise this.

Our new book this half term is called ‘War and Peas’ which is primarily about contrasting places, conflict and migration, as well as themes of healthy eating, greed and sharing. We will be learning about The Empire Windrush and how England changed in the 1940s after WW2 and the difficulties newcomers can face in a new place. We will also be looking at lots of maps of the world and naming countries, cities and seas.

As we move towards Christmas, there will be lots of festive crafts and preparation for our Church Nativity. Also, we will be having a special French Christmas week so the children can learn about French culture and start to develop some basic French vocabulary. 

Parents’ Meeting

Thank you for attending parents evening – it was good to meet you and discuss how your child is settling in and how we can continue to work together to support them. Please feel free to speak to Miss Gee after school if you have any worries or questions. However, please wait until all the other children have left safely first.

Please can we request that as the weather becomes colder children are provided with a warm coat with a hood and sensible, waterproof shoes. Please name all P.E kits, coats cardigans/fleeces and jumpers so they can be returned if misplaced, as they so often are!

Planners and Reading Books

Your child now has a planner to record their reading. The planners are quite expensive to the school and have a key roll in tracking your child’s reading. Please can you make sure they bring their reading book and planner EVERY DAY and record in there when they have read with you at home.

If your child has not read at home 3 times a week by Friday they will have chance to read extra during Golden Time to ensure they do not fall behind with this skill.

PE Kit

Your child will need their PE kit in school all the time. Their main P.E days are now Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Named White T shirt 

Named Black Shorts

Named Jogging/tracksuit pants

Named Trainers/Pumps (not school shoes) Please ensure pumps and trainers still fit as children do grow!

Spares will be lent if kit is not provided. Plasters to cover earrings must be provided please.


Our regular library day will now be Thursday. Please make sure your child has their library book in school that day. Unfortunately, sometimes there are meetings in the library relating to children’s wellbeing so if your child’s book has not been changed this will be the reason but we do try to avoid this.

Thank you for your continued support this half term and going forward.

Miss Gee and Miss Hatton

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