Year 5 Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Welcome back to the new term and a new year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Your child’s happiness and progress is vitally important to all staff in school, if you ever have any concerns please do not hesitate to call school or write a note in their planner to arrange a meeting with me.

As your child is in Upper Key Stage 2 now, I would expect them to enter the school building on their own with all of their belongings. I will take the register at 9am every day and anyone that arrives after this will be marked in late.


P.E. will be taught every Tuesday morning and afternoon. We will no longer be going swimming. Each Half Term there will be a different focus. P.E. kits should include: a plain white t-shirt, trainers/pumps and either black or blue shorts. P.E. kits must be kept in a bag and all clothing should have your child’s name on it to avoid them getting lost.


Please ensure that reading books and planners are in school every day. It is very important that you read at home with your child as often as possible. I would encourage you to write a short comment after listening to them read, especially if they found anything particularly challenging. Your child’s reading ability will be assessed throughout the year and their sticker level will change accordingly. Guided reading will be done once a week in school and there are lots of other opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their reading skills and a love of reading/books. As your child is in Year 5 I would expect them to write in their own planner to keep a note of what they have read and write down any tricky words.

This half term’s Homework Grid is linked to our theme of ‘Henry Finch’, as well as practising a variety of skills, I believe would be beneficial to look at the book in more depth and practise completing tasks independently. Please make sure your child has completed their homework, which should be handed in on a Friday or before if that suits you. Points will be accumulated and displayed in class.


In Year 4 your child will have practised all of their times tables. It would be beneficial for them to continue to practise these times tables both verbally and in writing. We will continue to practise these in school along with factors and prime numbers. It is important for the children to be able to recall the answers quickly and to recognise that 2×3 is the same as 3×2 etc, as well as recognising that x ÷ relate to each other (inverse). A weekly test will be done to check their speed of recall.

This half term we will be focusing on all 4 calculation strategies, fractions and decimals. We will be looking at word problems, investigations and justifying our answers.

Please see the theme planning to get an overview of which subjects will be taught this half term.

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Sparkes & Miss McGuire.  

Please have a look at the Parent Overview below to find what your child will be learning about this term.

Year 5 Spring Term Parent Overview: Henry Finch


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