Year 5 Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter

Welcome back to the new half term, I hope you all had a lovely break. This is a busy time of year with the build up to Christmas. However, we are going to continue our hard work, stay focussed on making progress and working together.

Morning routines

As your child is in Upper Key Stage 2 now, I would expect them to enter the school building on their own with all of their belongings. I will take the register at 9am every day and anyone that arrives after this will be marked in late and they will receive either a blue card from the Reception desk. If you do wish to speak to me either call and ask for an appointment at the end of the day or write a note in your child’s planner.


We have done lots of work to look at praising and rewarding pupils who are making good choices. Your child will be rewarded with Dojo points (an online website), we will be looking to reward those who are going above on beyond to make sure positive behaviours are being noticed/rewarded. Dojo points will be provided when a child follows the Golden Rules or puts our school values into practise. A whole school letter will be sent out very soon explaining any changes.


The children will be going swimming every Tuesday until Christmas. They will need to bring: a costume or trunks, a towel and children with long hair should bring a swimming cap. Goggles are not needed, but if your child requires them please provide a medical note that I can take with me to show their swimming teacher.

P.E. will be taught every Tuesday afternoon by Liam. Each Half Term there will be a different focus. P.E. kits should include: a plain white t-shirt, trainers/pumps and either black or blue shorts. P.E. kits must be kept in a bag and all clothing should have your child’s name or initials on it to avoid them getting lost.



Each child will continue to read at the sticker level they were on at the end of Autumn 1. Please ensure that reading books and planners are in school every day. If you child brings in a signed planner they will be rewarded with homework points and Dojo points for working hard and being responsible with school property. It is very important that you read at home with your child as often as possible. They will now receive a loyalty card (that will remain in school); if your child completes a book at home and can write a review or answer questions about it they will receive a stamp. When completing their card they will be awarded a treat/award.

I would encourage you to write a short comment after listening to them read, especially if they found anything particularly challenging. Your child’s reading ability will be assessed throughout the year and their sticker level will change according. Guided reading will be done once a day in school and there are lots of other opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their reading skills and a love of reading/books.


This half term’s Homework Grid is linked to our theme of ‘The Happy Prince’. They will be given a spelling practise sheet, which will relate to a pattern will focus on in class. A task on the grid will help them to gain points and allow them to practise a variety of skills. They should complete their spellings and at least one activity a week. Please make sure your child has completed their homework, which should be handed in on a Friday or before if that suits you. Points will be accumulated and displayed in class.


Last half term your child was given their Timetable Rock Stars login, any extra practise on this website would be brilliant for their speed of recall. Topmarks is another great website, which includes a variety of age related games to practise a variety of Maths skills.

I would also appreciate any opportunity for them to be asked to read an analogue clock to the nearest minute and for you to emphasise the importance of learning to read the time as it is a necessary life skill.

Please see the theme planning to get an overview of which subjects will be taught this half term. This can be found on the school website under: our school, Curriculum followed by Curriculum plans.

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Sparkes & Miss Evans.                                                                 

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