Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 are expected to take responsibility for their own homework and not have to be nagged by an adult. This is good practise for when they will receive far more homework in secondary school.

Children should aim to spend at least 30 minutes per night completing your homework – this could be reading, spelling practice or an activity from the grid below.

Remember – presentation is important. Homework given in on dog-eared scraps of paper will not be accepted and you will spend golden time re-doing this. Homework books should be used for the majority of tasks that require paper.

Chldren will receive a dojo for each homework point – and points equate to prizes.

Anyone who does not hand in homework will complete theirs during golden time, and repeat offenders will spend their break times making up for what they haven’t done at home.


  1. You must complete and hand in a minimum of 2 pieces of homework per week.
  2. You must meet your points target (and hopefully surpass it) by the time we break up.
  3. You must complete challenges from all of the 4 areas.
  4. You must ask about anything you are unsure of (parents and children). I don’t mind helping and explaining. This just shows you care about doing it well and is NOT cheating.
  5. Work must be completed to the best of your ability and must be neat. Scruffy work, incomplete work, dog-eared bits of paper or work that shows a lack of effort will not be accepted.

Homework Grid: Rose Blanche

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