Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework

This term, Year 6’s homework will be to learn their lines, song lyrics and dances for the upcoming end of year production.

If children wish to complete more home, please see grid below.

Your child has been given a minimum points target that is individual to them. They can and should look to exceed this target by as much as possible.


  1. You must complete and hand in a minimum of 2 pieces of homework per week.
  2. You must meet your points target (and hopefully surpass it) by the time we break up.
  3. You must complete challenges from all of the 4 areas.
  4. You must ask about anything you are unsure of (parents and children). I don’t mind helping and explaining. This just shows you care about doing it well and is NOT cheating.
  5. Work must be completed to the best of your ability and must be neat. Scruffy work, incomplete work, dog-eared bits of paper or work that shows a lack of effort will not be accepted.

Land of Never Believe Homework grid

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