Year 6 Websites

Year 6 Websites

Please find below recommended websites for Year 6.

SATS practice: (past papers and sample papers)

Maths: In particular it is worth trying mathman (maths hangman), parity and numberwang.

Apps: Match 10 (free) and Logic Squares (£1.49) are excellent for developing reasoning.


Apps: Spell Fix  – there are a number of these free apps focusing on different spelling patterns and on all of the words on the year 3 – year 6 word list. Clues are presented like crosswords and children progress through levels like in a video game.

Other than that… read a book! Books are available from the school library. Join your local library too – it’s free! The best thing you can do to support your child in their learning is promote a love of reading by sharing stories together.

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