Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs 2018

Each year children from St. Thomas’ take part in Stockport’s Young Entrepreneurs Competition which has been running since 2008. This year following on from our ‘Sing for Songbirds’ project with Chester Zoo our Young Entrepreneurs decided to focus their project on conservation and the environment. The children were creative, determined and imaginative in creating and developing their business idea before presenting it to a panel of judges at a ‘Dragon’s Den’ event finale.

Please have a look below at their journey in their own words to see what they got up to and how they got on in the ‘Dragon’s Den’!

St. Thomas’ Young Entrepreneurs Profile Overview

St Thomas’ Church of England Primary School.

We are a small school of 188 pupils who, earlier in the year, were very lucky to have a visit from Chester Zoo who did a series of workshops with us for their “Sing for Songbirds”. This is a project on the conservation of songbirds in Indonesia. The whole school was involved, and the whole school had a trip to Chester Zoo to witness the work they are currently doing for the conservation of the Indonesian songbirds.

Our Journey

Our Young Entrepreneurs are made up of pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 who were inspired by the Chester Zoo team and were increasingly concerned about the amount of waste plastic in our oceans and around our local environment.  We decided to try to upcycle plastic bottles and put it to good use. We wanted to help Chester Zoo with their project, so decided to make bird feeders as these were in keeping with the “Sing for Songbirds” project. Also, we wanted to do something for the whole school to enjoy, so the decision was made to make pencil cases from used water bottles and fill them with scented pencils, in order to make full use of the bottles. Using the bottle tops from our school milk in nursery and reception we invented the “bottle top snake” which is currently our best seller.

We wanted a logo to reflect what we were doing so we decided the colours to use would be green and blue. The green would represent the earth and the blue would represent the oceans and seas which are both filling up with unwanted plastic. We used Fantastic Plastic as our company name as we felt it would be fantastic! If we could only use less plastic.

Marketing and Sales

To market and sell out products we each made a poster using Pic Collage and posted these around our school. Information was posted on our school website so all parents and carers had access to our products. Order forms were sent home with every child which showed our products and prices. Also in our Friday Celebration assembly which is attended by parents and carers an announcement was made and we sold our products after school in the playground as well as selling during morning break. We even put them into the staff room for the staff to buy!

Accounts and Finance

We made calculations of our total cost per item and came up with a realistic selling price which would enable us to make a profit on which we all agreed upon by asking ourselves if we were not in Young Entrepreneurs would we pay that for each individual product. It is our intention to donate all the profit, no matter how small, from the sales of the birdfeeders and seeds to the “Sing for Songbirds” project at Chester Zoo, to help to look after the endangered species of songbirds in Indonesia.

Meeting minutes

Objective: Young Entrepreneurs meeting.  

Date: 14.3.18

Time: 3:00PM

Attendees: V.L L.C  J.K  A.F L.W

Agenda items:  To discuss an appropriate name for our company that relates to our theme.  To discuss what items would be most appropriate to sell resulting in maxim profit and at what price to sell them.

Discussions: We voted on which name would be most appropriate and agreed on a logo for the company. All members decided that the most profitable items to make and design would be: pencil cases, bird cages and snakes.  In terms of design we decided to use tape to make the pencil cases as opposed zips, as it could be a health and safety issue. It was decided that tape looks more attractive and appealing. In order to increase profit we decided that selling the pencil cases with scented pencils could help to increase sales. To further increase sales all members agreed it would be a good idea to sell bird seeds alongside the bird feeders. All members agreed on prices for each product which are as follows:

Pencil Cases £1.50

Snakes: £0.50

Seeds: £0.50

Bird Feeder: £0.50

New Action items: N/A

Other Notes and Information:

Discussed places we could source our products from and where the cheapest places might be.

Product Ideas

Meeting Minutes

Objective: Young Entrepreneurs meeting.

Date: 21.3.18

Time: 3:OOPM

Attendees: V.L  L.C  J.K  A.F  L.W 

Agenda Items: To categorise, wash and remove labels from all the bottles. To investigate the most effective way to remove labels from milk bottles. All members to discuss their designs for the company t-shirts. To retype a letter stating what type of bottles we are in need of.

Decisions: All members decided that L.C design for the company t-shirt would be the most appealing.

New Action Items: N/A

Other Notes and Information.

Members started to design and create the bird feeders.

T-Shirt Designs

Final Products

Presentation to the Judges

The children presented their business plan to the judges at Stockport Town Hall.

Letter from the Organisers
Feedback from the Judges


A very big congratulations and well done to all from St. Thomas’ who were involved with this year’s Young Entrepreneurs project; we are all extremely proud of the hard work and dedication you have put in over the past few weeks and months. We are very excited and pleased to announce that after 10 long years since we first won the competition…it’s coming home!


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