A Letter from Mrs Rowles

Letter 12 - 22.07.2020  

Hello to you all. 

This will be my last letter that I send you until I see you again in September. We have been off school for a very long time and we have missed seeing you all and watching you learn in our classroom. I have also missed seeing all your adults who bring you to school. Next week will be the beginning of our summer holidays so we hope you have a lovely summer and the sun shines so that you can go to the park and visit nice places. 

This week in school the children in our bubble and the staff have been busy bees. We were able to set free our beautiful butterflies that we have looked after over the last few weeks.  Here are some photos. 

We were all sooooooooo excited to set our 5 butterflies free. Do you remember last year when you were all in nursery and we set our butterflies free? Mrs Williams was with us then. She has been off school too like you.  We cannot wait to welcome her back to school. We have all missed her very much and I know she has missed us all too. 

This week in our bubble we have been learning about worms We have found out lots of interesting facts and we have looked for them in our digging area outside. Do you know that worms have segments on their bodies and have no bones at all? Ask your adult to use a search engine to look for images of worms and see if you can learn any interesting facts about them.              

If you like worms you could create a wormery at home 

Here are some instructions on how to make a Wormery: 

  1. Add a layer of gravel or small stone to the bottom of the jar, this should help with drainage.
  2. Add the soil and sand in layers
  3. Drop a small amount of water onto the surface – not too much
  4. Find some worms and gently put them on top of the soil
  5. Add the leaves and grass clippings to the top
  6. Make some holes in the lids (get an adult to help, and screw it on the jar)

If you make a wormery take a photo or you could bring it to show us when we return to school in September. 

Over the summer holidays there are lots of things that you can do whilst at home with your adults to help to prepare you for returning to school

Reading – Oxford Owl – Ask you adult to join this free website there are lots of reading books for you to read online. Just like the ones we have in school. 

Letters and Sounds – See if you can remember all the digraphs and trigraphs you have been taught in school and your tricky words. 

Writing – Why don’t you create a diary of all the nice things you have been doing at home. If you go somewhere try and do a simple recount of what you did using the words first, next, after that and finally. Remember to sit your letters on the line and don’t forget your finger spaces. 

Mathematics – Make sure you recognize your numbers to 20 – and that you can put them in the correct order.  You can also write some simple number sentences and use your fingers or objects to find the answers. You could also start to count in 10s up to a hundred and try counting in 2s. 

Expressive Arts and Design – Why not make a special card for Mrs. Gray and drop it off at school for her. She is going to miss you all very much. 

This week is Mrs. Grays last week in school. She has worked soooooooo hard to help all the children and staff at St Thomas over the eighteen years that she has been our headteacher. We are all going to miss her very much and wish her a very happy and well-earned retirement. We are hoping she will come back to visit us and keep in touch with us all. When you return to school, we will have a new headteacher called Mr. Sanchez who cannot wait to meet you all. He will be at the gate to welcome you all on your first day back.

Well done to everybody who has worked from home during the pandemic, children and parents. It’s definitely been a very hard time for us all. Keep safe over the summer holidays and we will look forward to welcoming you all back to school in September.

Have a lovely Summer everyone and we will see you all very soon.

Mrs Rowles, Mrs Williams, Miss Cooper and Mrs Brokenbrow

Some lovely quotes about moving on …… for the children who will be moving to a new year group and to Mrs. Gray!  We will miss you!

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