Reception Newsletter

7th May 2021 

Dear Parents/Carers,

What a  lovely week we have had in Reception. Trevor the frog  has been everywhere in our classroom and the children have enjoyed finding him each morning.  This week with Miss Sparkes the children did some work around the life cycle of a frog they attempted to draw and label each stage in the life cycle. Their work was amazing. We have also this week thought about stories in general and talked about  the different types of characters, settings,  problems and solutions that there might be. We are busy bee’s everyday in Reception! 

EYFS Curriculum - Next week we will be doing the following:

Literacy - We will be introducing the new Narrative Immersion text ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ we will be talking about the characters and setting. Linked to this book we will also be sharing the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’  

Letters and Sounds - We will be learning the vowel digraphs oo, ar, or, ur.  We will be using the sounds in the middle of words (moon, park, horn, burn). We will be learning to read the Tricky word ‘was’ and will be reading two syllable words (popcorn, cupboard, playground)

Mathematics - We will be focusing on the composition of numbers and reinforcing numbers to 10 and 20. 

Expressive Arts and Designs - We will be baking something really special and bringing it home.  I wonder what it will be? You will have to wait and see. 

Parents as partners 

A very big thank you  to everyone who attended Parents’ Evening this week. It was lovely to share with you your child's progress and their next steps in learning. Please remember if you are ever worried regarding any area of your child's welfare or education you can contact the school via Dojo or speak with me in the morning or at home time. We are here to support you. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Rowles and the EYFS Team

Home Learning Activities

If your child is required to self-isolate due to Covid-19 please find below a range of activities and resources that you can access and do at home. There are lots of tasks to keep you busy and some can be done more than once.

In the event of your child's bubble being closed to self isolate more information will be provided relating to online learning and lessons. 

Websites and Apps

Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize

Free Apps For Reading

  • Collins Big Cat
  • Cbeebies
  • Cookie Next Door
  • Busy Things