Guidance if Someone is Unwell


Guidance if someone is unwell

  • You must not send your child into school if they are displaying any symptoms of Covid 19, that is;  
    • a high temperature, 
    • a new persistent cough, 
    • loss of taste or smell or any change to your taste or smell 
  • It is important you notify us if your child is showing signs of illness as it may be necessary for the whole class to self-isolate or if or anything unusual causes you concern.  

In the case of illness

If someone in your household has symptoms or tests positively for Covid 19 your child must stay off for 10 days.

If your child shows symptoms of Covid 19 you must keep them off school and get them tested immediately , please contact your GP or NHS 111.  If the test comes back negative they can come into school.  If it comes back positive they must stay off school for 10 days or until the symptoms have gone.

If your child develops symptoms at school we will isolate them from the other children, don’t worry an adult will take care of them, and phone you to pick them up in order to take them to be tested.  They will need to remain off school until the result of that test.

If there is a confirmed case in school we will contact Public Health England who will carry out a risk assessment and advise us what to do.  If they ask us to close a bubble or the school we will support remote learning until we can get the children back into school.

If there is a local lockdown we will support the children’s learning at home.