School Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

Covid 19

We have had several parents ask if we are closing in relation to the Covid 19 virus.  The answer at present is no.  However, we are receiving daily updates from the DfE who are circulating advice from the Department of Public Health; we are also receiving timely updates and support from Local Authority officers.  We also have a pre-existing existing school action plan for Preventing and Managing Sickness in School, including Outbreaks.  This has been reviewed and added to in view of this virus.  The precautions we are currently taking are in line with all advice and our policy.  They are:

  • Increased hygiene procedures
  • Specific hygiene lessons in class
  • Increased enforced handwashing before eating of food (Warm water and soap wash thoroughly for the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice!)
  • Increased use of hand gel, particularly after playtimes and dinner times
  • Consideration to types of trips and events we are undertaking
  • A daily review of the situation, including our Core Control Measures

A major step we are taking is that we are going to enforce a 48 hour period of absence AFTER all symptoms have stopped for all fever, high temperature, sickness, diarrhoea etc

If the advice we receive changes we will give you immediate notification.  I know that there are many sources of information at present but Dr Baxter Public Health Consultant for Stockport spoke to Headteachers on 28th February and advised all to keep updated via the Public Health England website – which is exactly the same information that we as a school receive daily.  We have also been given other websites to refer to for advice on Covid 19. 

If you are concerned that you or your child may have symptoms you can also speak to NHS111 or undertake the NHS111 questionnaire and follow the advice you receive. The questionnaire can be accessed by following this link

We as a school are following published government and nhs guidelines for schools and as outlined above Stockport Local Authority are constantly updating us when necessary. 

As hand gels used need to have a high alcohol content and children are keen to share with others please do not send your child to school with gels.  Please note – they are also highly flammable.  We are presently well stocked and whilst we are using the gel we are controlling its use, in addition to insisting on increased hand washing.

Friday Assemblies

Please note that we are suspending our invitation to parents/carers to our Friday celebration assemblies until further notice, merely as a precaution.  Hopefully we will be reinstating them in the near future.

School Trips

Some classes are due to go on school trips and these will go ahead unless the situation changes.  We will be advised and will take all precautions not to put any member of the school community at risk.  Thus far only trips abroad have been banned and we do not have any of those planned.

School Website

Our brand new school website is now live and available on-line.  The school app is also being changed and that should be available at the start of next week.  We have also requested that they ensure that it is also available on android telephones.  Please take time to have a look at it. There are still areas to populate but Mrs Holt is busy collating content and adding it daily as it becomes available. All feedback is welcome.

Lost Property

Once again our lost property container is overflowing.  We have worked to return any items with names in to their rightful owner.  However, the remaining items are not named but must belong to someone.  If your child has lost any item of clothing, including school coats, socks, UNDERWEAR, or school shoes/trainers please get them to check lost property or feel free to accompany them at home time and have a rummage.

Mrs Brooke

As you may know Mrs Brooke left St Thomas’ at the end of last half term to pursue her university studies and then use her qualification in other areas.  I am sure you will join me in thanking her for her work in school and wishing her every success in the future.  We are currently actively seeking her replacement.  I will keep you updated.


Sadly during my time at St Thomas’ we have tragically suffered the deaths of several of our pupils’ parents.  The death of a parent at any time in a person’s life is an earth-shattering event, and particularly tragic if the children are still indeed children; everyone needs to be treated respectfully respected and allowed to grieve in our own way.  However, it has recently come to my attention that there appears to be some idle gossip amongst adults regarding recent events concerning the untimely deaths of parents at the school.  Can I please ask that people desist from this idle gossiping that may well be then repeated in front of children who are already experiencing extreme grief that needs to be managed with extreme care.  Unwittingly you can cause lifelong damage to a young child in such situations.  Thank you.

Upcoming Events:  Dates for your diary

 Please check our Calendar for a full list of upcoming  dates for your diary.