School Newsletter


Friday 26th June 2020

Dear Parents,


As we approach the beginning of July I realise that the summer holidays will very soon be upon us.  Therefore, I write to give you notice that school will close completely for the summer.

Having given this decision much consideration I strongly consider that it is in the best interests of all that this decision was made, and it was ratified by governors at a recent committee meeting.

School has remained open every week day since the lockdown began in March, including Bank Holidays, all over Easter and the VE Day.  Therefore, I consider that the staff, who have worked extremely hard during this period, are given opportunity to have a break from school so that they can be re-energised and ready to return to teach the children at the beginning of September under the leadership of Mr Sanchez.

The government have announced funding for ‘holiday clubs’ but as yet have not shared with us or local authorities what format these will take or where they will be held. So unfortunately I am unable to give you any information about these at present.  I will contact you once we actually have some idea about these, but at this moment we are not intending to hold one at our school as it may mean that we get children from other schools having to attend and this is something we do not encourage.  Again, should this situation change I will contact you as early as possible.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at school – even though I can’t promise to have an answer!

Thank you for your continued support in these strangest and most concerning of times.

Take care and stay safe,

Jill Gray