A Letter from Mrs Williams

Week 5 - 29.05.2020


Hello Nursery,

How are you feeling this week? It is already week 10 of lockdown - wowzers! Can you remember how to count to 10? It feels so long since I have seen all your smiling faces...I miss you all so much but I hope you are all managing to keep your grownups smiling with all the funny things you are doing together.

What have you been doing at home this week? I have been busy doing my jobs for Mrs Gray – we even had a chat on the phone last week. It was lovely to talk to each other and hear her voice. Have you called anyone to have a chat? Why don’t you ask your grown up if you can call someone that you are missing.

I’ve also been enjoying the lovely sunshine that has come back to see us all. It has really cheered me up this week. I have been sitting in the garden looking at all the beautiful flowers and trees and I have been on 2 exciting walks as part of my daily exercise. On the first walk, I came out of my house and saw lots of road signs at the end of the road – look at my picture below, do you know what any of them mean? The workers have dug up the path and are fixing the water pipes under the ground...I don’t know what they are doing but they still haven’t finished and we have to cross the road to get around them. I hope they finish soon.

On my second exciting walk, we went to Bramhall Park. We walked down to the pond to see the ducks and when we got there we had a big surprise. We saw 8 baby ducklings with their Mummy duck and 5 baby goslings with their Mummy goose. The ducklings we sitting with their Mummy near the pond. They were a bit wriggly at first, like you Nursery kiddywinks, but then they sat down and let Mummy duck have a little sleep. Mummy Goose did not get a sleep. The baby goslings were having lots of fun waddling around on the grass before going for a swim – they were having a great time! 

Mrs Brokenbrow was in school with Mrs Rowles last week looking after the Key Worker children. It was very busy and they had lots of children to look after, including lots of the big children. At the weekend, Mrs Brokenbrow and Mr Brokenbrow went for a lovely morning walk. She said there were lots of people out enjoying the sunshine but they were very good at keeping away from each other. Some people had dogs, some were running and some were walking like Mrs Brokenbrow. Can you see the tiny people on the path? They were walking in front of Mrs Brokenbrow and Mr Brokenbrow. 

Weekly challenge...

  • Draw a picture of 5 ducks at the pond. Can you sing ‘5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day’ with your grown up? You could look up the song on YouTube if you have forgotten the words. 
  • Can you design a new road sign? What will it look like? What does it mean? Ask your grown up to write what it means on you picture, just like we do at school when you tell me or Mrs Brokenbrow about your pictures.
  • Do you know any more baby animals? Can you learn about some baby animals and draw a picture of them? Maybe you could tell someone else in your family about the baby animals that you learn about.

Don’t forget to practise (everyday)...

  • Writing your name using little letters. E.g.
    Mrs Williams (right)
    MRS WILLIAMS (wrong)
  • Counting to 20 every day (like we do for the register)

Always remember to keep doing good listening to your grownups like you do for me and Mrs Brokenbrow. 

We miss you lots. Take care,

Mrs Williams

Dear Parents,

I know these are difficult times and we are all doing our best to get through it. I know you will be worried about your child’s education but just remember the most important thing you can do for them is to talk and play with them to build vocabulary. Put aside a little time each day to give them your full attention. If you need some activity ideas, there are plenty on the nursery section of the home learning pages and many of them can be done more than once.

For something with a little more structure, look at the attached files on the home learning section and complete the weekly tasks that I shall add each week in my letter.

Remember it’s ok, not to be ok. Keep in contact with family and friends, stick to a routine (including getting up and dressed) and if you need help and support, there are lots of services out there.

Take care,

Mrs Williams

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Additional Home Learning

Please find below a list of activities that you can do indoors at home with your child.


  1. Make paper airplanes
  2. Salt painting
  3. Make sun catchers
  4. Make salt dough
  5. Make sponge stamps
  6. Make a cereal box aquarium
  7. Make scratch art
  8. Make your own bookmark
  9. Paint pet rocks
  10. Make recycled crayons
  11. Make paper boats
  12. Finger paint
  13. Make friendship bracelets
  14. Make a bird feeder
  15. Make paper bag puppets
  16. Make handprint art
  17. Make a scrapbook
  18. Decorate a t-shirt
  19. Make a thankful jar
  20. Paint leaves
  21. Make a time capsule
  22. Make button art
  23. Paint with watercolours
  24. Colour in a colouring book
  25. Make paper crafts
  26. Build a cardboard castle
  27. Make tissue box monsters
  28. Make a toilet roll butterfly
  29. Make chalk ice
  30. Draw a self portrait
  31. Paint a recycled jar
  32. Make a superhero costume 


  1. Make playdough
  2. Make slime
  3. Make play mud
  4. Make fake snow
  5. Make a sensory tub
  6. Build a fort
  7. Have a pillow fight
  8. Make up/write a story
  9. Have a film day
  10. Put on a fashion show
  11. Bake cupcakes/muffins
  12. Do yoga
  13. Build an obstacle course
  14. Make dinner together
  15. Build something with lego
  16. Build a stack of cards
  17. Put on a puppet show
  18. Make a treasure hunt
  19. Indoor bowling
  20. Learn to draw something new
  21. Put on a play
  22. Make indoor hopscotch
  23. Do a family chore together
  24. Have a dance party
  25. Have a tea party
  26. Water play in the bath
  27. Set up a toy shop and play
  28. Make a sock toss game
  29. Keep a diary 


  1. Play would you rather
  2. Play I-spy
  3. Play Simon says
  4. Play a board game
  5. Play hide and seek
  6. Indoor scavenger hunt
  7. Play bingo
  8. Play card games – e.g. snap
  9. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  10. Play charades
  11. Build your own game
  12. Play musical statues / bumps / chairs
  13. Play hot potato
  14. Play marbles
  15. Keep the balloon up
  16. Play dominoes
  17. Play hangman

Have fun doing some new activities together.