Parents as Partners           

Week Commencing: 16th March 2020

 Dear Parents/Carers,

We have done some lovely learning for Science week and the children have really enjoyed it. We had to free animals from ice and predict which method of melting the ice would be the quickest, we had to observe the world around us an find items to match the colours of the rainbow and we had to do an experiment and test which liquids made bubbles with our bubble wand and record the results. Thank you to those parents who attended our science morning – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I know the children did.

Next week we will be doing the following:

Literacy – we will be introducing our new narrative immersion text ‘Paper Dolls’. We will meet Tilly who will tell us about her paper dolls and we shall draw some of our own.

Letters and Sounds – We will be joining in with the rhyming book ‘Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!’ as we identify the rhyming words.

Mathematics – We will be focusing on separating a group of objects (to 5) in different ways but recognising that the total is still the same.

Little Reminders:

  • Spare clothes: your child should always have some on their peg, but if your child has used some of our Nursery spare clothes please could you wash and return them ASAP as our stocks are getting low because people are not returning them. Thank you.

Important dates:

  • Parents eveningThursday 2nd April 3:15-6:00 – look for a sign-up sheet nearer the time.
  • Easter service in church Friday 3rd April at 2:00
  • Break up for Easter Friday 3rd April. We return to school on Monday 20th April.


Thank you for your help and support
The EYFS Team

Additional Home Learning

Please find below a list of activities that you can do indoors at home with your child.


  1. Make paper airplanes
  2. Salt painting
  3. Make sun catchers
  4. Make salt dough
  5. Make sponge stamps
  6. Make a cereal box aquarium
  7. Make scratch art
  8. Make your own bookmark
  9. Paint pet rocks
  10. Make recycled crayons
  11. Make paper boats
  12. Finger paint
  13. Make friendship bracelets
  14. Make a bird feeder
  15. Make paper bag puppets
  16. Make handprint art
  17. Make a scrapbook
  18. Decorate a t-shirt
  19. Make a thankful jar
  20. Paint leaves
  21. Make a time capsule
  22. Make button art
  23. Paint with watercolours
  24. Colour in a colouring book
  25. Make paper crafts
  26. Build a cardboard castle
  27. Make tissue box monsters
  28. Make a toilet roll butterfly
  29. Make chalk ice
  30. Draw a self portrait
  31. Paint a recycled jar
  32. Make a superhero costume 


  1. Make playdough
  2. Make slime
  3. Make play mud
  4. Make fake snow
  5. Make a sensory tub
  6. Build a fort
  7. Have a pillow fight
  8. Make up/write a story
  9. Have a film day
  10. Put on a fashion show
  11. Bake cupcakes/muffins
  12. Do yoga
  13. Build an obstacle course
  14. Make dinner together
  15. Build something with lego
  16. Build a stack of cards
  17. Put on a puppet show
  18. Make a treasure hunt
  19. Indoor bowling
  20. Learn to draw something new
  21. Put on a play
  22. Make indoor hopscotch
  23. Do a family chore together
  24. Have a dance party
  25. Have a tea party
  26. Water play in the bath
  27. Set up a toy shop and play
  28. Make a sock toss game
  29. Keep a diary 


  1. Play would you rather
  2. Play I-spy
  3. Play Simon says
  4. Play a board game
  5. Play hide and seek
  6. Indoor scavenger hunt
  7. Play bingo
  8. Play card games – e.g. snap
  9. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  10. Play charades
  11. Build your own game
  12. Play musical statues / bumps / chairs
  13. Play hot potato
  14. Play marbles
  15. Keep the balloon up
  16. Play dominoes
  17. Play hangman

Have fun doing some new activities together.

 25 Non-screen activities.pdfDownload
 Easter Nur and Rec
 Musical Recycling
 Nursery Maths Challenges
 Nursery Pack
 Nursery Phonics
 On the Farm I Spy
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