Year 1

 A Letter from Miss Weekes


 Letter 7 - 22.07.2020


Hello Year 1,

My final letter to you as Year 1’s! Very soon you will be in Year 2 and I am very happy that I will be your teacher again in Year 2, Mrs Gaskell will also be teaching you too on a Wednesday and Thursday. Although we didn’t get to say a final goodbye in Year 1 I will be there to say a big hello on your first day back in Year 2 and I am looking forward to hearing all about your lockdown adventures! I think a couple of you may even have a new brother or sister to tell me about! If your Mum’s or Dad’s want to email me any pictures of what you have done over lockdown or summer that would be great so we can share them on the board and talk about them together.

I have put on the website a Summer Holiday Bucket List - I wonder how many of the activities you can complete over the summer. The most important thing is to have fun whilst you are doing it!

I hope you all have a great summer break and manage to do some things you have not been able to do during lockdown. I am looking forward to spending some time with my niece and going to a cafe for coffee….and cake of course! We will share together all our adventures when we see each other in September! Until then, stay safe, have fun and wash your hands!

Miss Weekes

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