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Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a wonderful half term. Your child is officially half way through their time in Year 2.

Miss Harrison (PGCE trainee Teacher)

From now until the last week of June we are lucky enough to be joined by Miss Harrison who is completing her final PGCE placement in Year 2. Miss Harrison will be delivering a large percentage of lessons as part of her teaching practise, covering a whole range of subjects. During her placement I will always remain in the classroom to guide and support her teaching and planning. Miss Harrison will often be with me when seeing the children out at the end of the day and may wish to share feedback to you about your child’s day. As well as this she will also be asked to attend the next set of Parents Evening appointments as she will be able to offer valuable insight about your child’s progress, effort and behaviour.


School gates open at 8am and breakfast club will open at this time. If you want your child to take part in Breakfast Club, please take them to the Breakfast club entrance before 8:30am. If you wish for any of your children to be signed into Sibling Club, this must be done in the morning.

Our school day officially begins at 8:50am, registers will be taken at 9am and lunches ordered at this point. If your child arrives at school after 9am please take them to the school office to sign them in.

I will be at the Year 2 door each morning to welcome the children, so please use this time to pass on any important messages.


Your child will need to bring their school book and planner each day. Fill in their planner when you have read, this should include: the title of the book, which pages they read, any words they found tricky or questions you asked them. If you do want any focus questions to ask when reading do not hesitate to ask and I can print some off for you to use at home.

Your child will be listened to as part of a group during Guided Reading each week and we also aim to listen to each child individually during the week. I will ask the class if they need to change their school book each morning, however if you notice they have completed a book and still not changed it please remind them at the start or end of the school day.


Maths will be taught each morning and some days in the afternoon to recap necessary objectives. Two areas I would love extra support with would be learning to tell the time using o’clock, half past and now quarter past and quarter too. Secondly, teaching your child to recall the numbers bonds to 10, 20 and 100 using addition and subtraction e.g. 14+6 = 20  20-14=6. Topmarks Maths is an excellent website for Maths games that link to these objectives. During Spring 2 we will be recapping previously taught objectives relating to: time, fractions and all four calculation methods with a view to including more problems solving and reasoning.


The current Theme is based on the book ‘The Dragon Machine’. Subjects covered during this Theme will be: English, Science, Geography and History.


Homework will be sent home every Monday and expected back by Friday. There will be a Homework box in the classroom for you child to put their homework in any day of the week. Homework will include a grid of activities linking to the Theme as well as a spelling sheet and Maths sheet. The spelling sheet will include a new spelling pattern each week, which will also be practised during lessons in school and the Maths will be an activity the class have covered already and it will be an opportunity for them to revisit/consolidate their learning.


PE will take place every Wednesday afternoon during this half term. KS1 Sports Club will also take place on a Wednesday from 3-4pm.

PE kits should be in school every day, this must include: a plain white t-shirt, dark shorts/trousers and a separate pair of shoes. During the first half term PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon, with Liam and a Thursday morning.

If you child uses an inhaler please ensure this is handed in to school as they will take it to each PE lesson/sports club.

If you have any questions to ask please do not hesitate to speak to me or another member of staff at the end of the school day or write in your child’s planner and ask them to hand it in.

Miss Sparkes, Miss Cullen & Miss Harrison


There are many ways that you can help and support your child out of school. Homework is a vital part of your child’s learning as it enables them to practice skills and reinforces the things they have learnt during the school day. There are many ways you can support your child in Year 2.

Reading at home:  Enjoying books and reading stories is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech, as well as being something they can enjoy. It is vitally important you listen to your child read as often as possible to help them continue to develop their reading skills, decoding and understanding what they have read. Please keep a log in your child’s reading record when you have read with them. You don’t have to read the whole book, a couple of pages regularly would be beneficial, or take it in turns to read a page each.

Maths practice: Make maths fun and play games or complete some of the maths puzzles off the school website.  Your child can earn points on their homework grid for completing and bringing in these tasks. Maths can be part of everyday tasks such as counting the stairs as you climb them, sharing things out, measuring and weighing in baking/cooking.

Homework Grid: Your child will be bring home their new homework grid at the start of each half term and the activities will be linked to what we are learning in school. The work should be of a good quality and should be brought to school on a Friday to be checked, in their blue homework folder. Each child will be given a points target to achieve by the end of the half-term. You can pick which tasks you attempt, the important ones are at the top marked ‘everyday’. You can do an activity more than once if you think your child needs to work on it again.

 Year 2 Spring Term Homework Grid Dragon Machine.docxDownload
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We ask for your support in helping your child to continue their learning outside of school by enabling them to complete some of these activities and work towards achieving their point target. If you would prefer to do a different activity at home such as practising something you know your child needs help with, just make a note in the planner and they will get points for this too! Homework isn’t meant to be stressful for children or parents! If you have any questions about homework, please ask.

Thank you for your support.

Additional Home Learning

Websites and Apps

Phonics Play

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