Year 5

 A Letter from Miss Aitken

Week 4 - 18.05.2020


Hello again to you all,

I hope you are all well and are being good for your adults. I have been working hard at home this last week, but when I’ve not been working I have been busy doing some colouring, video calling friends and family and lots of cooking. I wonder how you have been keeping yourself busy? Every Saturday I do a virtual quiz with my friends and this week was our turn to host the quiz. It was lots of fun coming up with questions as we are all very competitive! Maybe you could write a quiz for your family and get them to answer the questions? 

I have set some more learning tasks for the week. I have also come up with lots of creative boredom busters for you to have a go at. You can pick and choose which ones you’d like to do, or you could write them down on a piece of paper, put them in a jar and pick out one to do. 

Stay safe and stay happy

Miss Aitken and Miss Briscoe

Home learning tasks:

English - Write a diary entry for each day of the week. You can go for even longer if you want to!  Your diaries must include activities you have done and your thoughts and feelings. I would like you to focus on the positive things, for example things you have enjoyed doing and things to celebrate. Maybe you had a birthday? Diaries also must be written in first person (I, we) and include some interesting vocab. Do you remember all the fantastic words we came up with that we put on our word window all those months ago? I’ve added a sheet below with lots of interesting words to help you. 

Maths - I have added another challenge a day powerpoint below. Keep practicing those important maths skills! 

Creative boredom busters.

  • Use a plastic bag, some string and a cup to build a parachute for a toy.  
  • Fix something in your house that is broken.
  • Set up an obstacle course in your garden.
  • Learn the kings and queens of England off by heart.
  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song. 
  • Listen to four songs from a genre that you wouldn’t usually listen to.
  • Write a poem about your favourite animal.
  • On a clear night, go outside to look at the stars. Draw what you can see.
  • Build something out of recycled materials
  • Design your own board game. 
  • Take a picture of something outside (if you can) and write a story based on the picture. For example, it could be an empty park, a shop, a river, a field.
  • Mix equal amounts of cornflour and water to make slime.
  • Set up a domino rally, push the first one and watch them all fall.
  • Plan a puppet show to re-enact your favourite story.
  • Practise the sport skill you have been trying to master: maybe it’s keepy-uppys, skipping with a rope or trampolining. 
  • Paint a picture of what you can see outside your window.
  • Record a video message for a relative. 
  • Write and draw the perfect menu - starter, main and dessert. Maybe an adult could help you cook it one day?
  • Write down a name for each letter of the alphabet, for example: Adam, Ben, Charlie…
  • If you have younger siblings, draw 5 objects found around your house or garden on some paper. Get your siblings to find them and cross them off when they have.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. For example, find something fluffy, something green, something that represents nature etc. 
  • Draw an imaginary creature with different animal parts. For example it could have a lion’s head, a horse’s body and a rat’s tail. 
  • Write a quiz for someone then test them. How did they do? 
  • A genie has granted you 3 wishes. What would they be?

This weeks Activities continued...

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Previous Activities

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Homework Grid

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Useful Websites

Please find below useful websites for games, practise and revision.


Website address (links) Useful for…  Spelling pattern practise, word class, punctuation and grammar.  Great examples of children’s writing and short focused challenges to have a go at and submit Top tips, examples and challenges for young writers



Website address (links) Useful for…  Sign in, play games, tackle challenges, take on others in competition…  Games, questions, challenges for all levels  Great challenges, games and puzzles to test you, hurt your head and make you think. Good fun too.

Additional Home Learning

Homework Grid

A paper copy of the homework grid has been sent home and an electronic version is available on the school website. There are lots of homework ideas on here based on our Theme to have a go at.


Please listen to your child read each day and share the story together. Children could also write book reviews of their favourite books, create posters about their favourite characters or write their own stories/comics. They don’t have to just read fiction books, it could be newspapers, magazines, fact books or anything similar.


Year 5 and 6 spellings will be available on our website. Children have been using lots of different ways to practice in Year 5, such as ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’, spelling scribbles, drawing pictures that associate with the word, playing hangman. Have a go at the ones we haven’t looked at yet or focus on revising ones we have already tested.


If your child has a particular interest in a subject, place, animal or person they could complete a project about it. They can research on the internet and present what they have learnt in many different ways. They can present on paper, they can create a powerpoint presentation, they could make a model – the possibilities are endless! If your child is stuck for ideas they could do a project about Britains invaders, which is our current theme.

BBC Bitesize

Visit and go to KS2 - all subjects are on here which include lots of puzzles, videos, games and information about different units. For example in maths, have a look at topics that interest your child or something that they might need more confidence in.


Year 5 love YouTube! Below are a list of YouTube channels that are educational and fun.

● National Geographic Kids
● Crash Course Kids
● Science Channel
● GEOgraphy Focus
● Kids Learning Tube
● Free School

Useful Websites - Useful for maths games, mental maths, revision of methods taught. 
- Useful for times tables - children have their own login.  - Maths games/puzzles

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