Year 5

 A Letter from Miss Aitken

Week 10 - 22.07.2020

Hello Year 5

As this is the final week of the summer term, this will be my final letter. I hope you have all enjoyed reading my letters and have engaged with some of the learning I have posted online. 

I have truly enjoyed getting to know you all this year, we have had lots of fun and I am sorry that our time together was cut short. Not only was it an absolute pleasure to teach you all, but I have enjoyed laughing with you and listening to your interesting stories.

Enjoy your summer holidays as much as you can, rest up and relax ready to work hard in Year 6. Below I have made a list of ideas to keep yourselves busy with your adults.

Plant up a flower tub and look after it. 

Create a scrapbook.

Create your own word search. Fill in the answers first then write all the letters of the alphabet round them!

Roll down a grassy hill. 

Paint with your feet. 

Learn a new skill. 

Send a postcard to show what you got up to during the holidays. 

Write a book review (or even a story). 

Build a den – inside or out? 

Read a book that you wouldn’t normally read. 

Go rock-pooling. 

Find an unusual place to read a book. 

Pick your own fruit. 

Build a sandcastle. 

Learn to say ‘hello’ and other phrases in a different language. 

Help cook dinner and serve it to your family. 

Create an obstacle course in your garden. 

Play a board game - or even better, create one!

Turn your television room into a cinema - what movie snacks will you need?

Make a fruit kebab. (I like to drizzle melted chocolate on mine!)

Grow a sunflower or a beanstalk. 

Try a new sport. 

Watch the sun rise and set.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed me with work and photos, I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to! If you have been up to anything in the holidays, created a masterpiece or project, wrote a story, celebrated a special occasion, worked hard on a task I have set or read a new book, then please feel free to write to me at

Stay safe and stay happy, see you in September.

Miss Aitken and Miss Briscoe xx

This Weeks Activities

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Previous Activities

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Homework Grid


Useful Websites

Please find below useful websites for games, practise and revision.


Website address (links) Useful for…  Spelling pattern practise, word class, punctuation and grammar.  Great examples of children’s writing and short focused challenges to have a go at and submit Top tips, examples and challenges for young writers



Website address (links) Useful for…  Sign in, play games, tackle challenges, take on others in competition…  Games, questions, challenges for all levels  Great challenges, games and puzzles to test you, hurt your head and make you think. Good fun too.

Additional Home Learning

Homework Grid

A paper copy of the homework grid has been sent home and an electronic version is available on the school website. There are lots of homework ideas on here based on our Theme to have a go at.


Please listen to your child read each day and share the story together. Children could also write book reviews of their favourite books, create posters about their favourite characters or write their own stories/comics. They don’t have to just read fiction books, it could be newspapers, magazines, fact books or anything similar.


Year 5 and 6 spellings will be available on our website. Children have been using lots of different ways to practice in Year 5, such as ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’, spelling scribbles, drawing pictures that associate with the word, playing hangman. Have a go at the ones we haven’t looked at yet or focus on revising ones we have already tested.


If your child has a particular interest in a subject, place, animal or person they could complete a project about it. They can research on the internet and present what they have learnt in many different ways. They can present on paper, they can create a powerpoint presentation, they could make a model – the possibilities are endless! If your child is stuck for ideas they could do a project about Britains invaders, which is our current theme.

BBC Bitesize

Visit and go to KS2 - all subjects are on here which include lots of puzzles, videos, games and information about different units. For example in maths, have a look at topics that interest your child or something that they might need more confidence in.


Year 5 love YouTube! Below are a list of YouTube channels that are educational and fun.

● National Geographic Kids
● Crash Course Kids
● Science Channel
● GEOgraphy Focus
● Kids Learning Tube
● Free School

Useful Websites - Useful for maths games, mental maths, revision of methods taught. 
- Useful for times tables - children have their own login.  - Maths games/puzzles

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