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PHSCE at St. Thomas'

At St Thomas’ CE we value a well balanced PHSCE curriculum. We understand the importance of enabling our pupils to leave our school well equipped to strive in the outside world. As a team we have worked hard to create a curriculum that is catered to our pupils. It includes the skills and knowledge we believe they need to accomplish this during their time with us. 



It is our intention that PSHE and Well-being education has a high priority at St Thomas' CE Primary School. Children will have safe and effective lessons that are age appropriate for primary aged children.

PSHE will be embedded in the school core values and will help all pupils, parents, carers, staff and governors to achieve the school motto ‘Believe to Achieve’.


The Governing body, SLT and school staff will ensure that all PSHE related policies are active, visible and understood by themselves, children and families.

All policies will be inclusive for everyone and meets the needs of everyone in school. Support will be provided for vulnerable children and adults as needed.

Training for adults working in school and information events for parents and carers will ensure a deeper and greater understanding of a curriculum designed to promote skills needed for living in the wider world.


  • Our PSHE Curriculum runs across all year groups in school and covers all key aspects as outlined in the PSHE documentation and the SRE Christopher Winter overview.
  • PSHE/Circles is taught across school weekly.
  • Weekly assemblies focus on PSHE related themes.
  • Subject Lead attends all network meetings and relays current information and guidance back to all staff.
  • Policies are kept up to date in line with current guidance.
  • We are a Restorative school.
  • We aim to work ‘with’ each other.
  • We have a HUB and experienced staff – Learning Mentor.
  • We offer self-help materials and signpost to services as needed.
  • School website has information relating to PSHE, SRE and Well-being.
  • Refer pupils/work closely with outside support agencies such as Primary Jigsaw/School Nurse/HYMS.
  • We have regular events to promote effective partnerships between school and home/community – Discos, Christmas & Summer Fairs, Parent Workshops, mornings, stay and play etc.


Children will be well prepared for, the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life. They will have a sense of their own and other’s moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development.

They will know how to look after themselves and each other and have a sense of good well-being and happiness in their own skin yet will know where to seek advice and support when they feel vulnerable.

All pupils, parents, carers, staff, and governors will feel inclusive and valued.


  • Pupil voice – Children talk about themselves and about their learning
  • Class assemblies/Key stage performances
  • Positive feedback from parents at parents' evenings
  • Well-being survey tool
  • Circle time/check-ins
  • Sharing information – HUB/Pastoral staff with whole staff 



Throughout each year our pupils will cover a range of skills related to each of the three focus areas in the PHSCE curriculum: relationships, health and wellbeing and living in the wider world. 

Each lesson will have a focus area and a skill, each skill is usually introduced an inquiry question. e.g. ‘How do you know someone loves and cares for you?’ These questions often lead into: debates, acting out scenarios, creating posters as well as several other activities. 

At times our lessons link to our Theme books and the characters within them. This can often enable our pupils to discuss challenging topics by relating them to the characters in our Theme books and the situations they have encountered. 



To enable our pupils’ vocabulary to progress throughout their time at St Thomas’ as a team we decided each year group would have ten new words to learn each year. These ten words specifically relate to the skills they are learning as a class and ensure new vocabulary is being regularly introduced and developed throughout their time at school. 

The skills being taught each half term can be found on the objective grids under the heading for each Theme book. The vocabulary for each year can be found on the skills, progression and vocabulary document.


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