The school uniform consists of:-

  • Grey trousers / skirt / pinafore
  • White polo shirt
  • Burgundy school sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Summer dress – check / stripe
  • Burgundy zipped fleece (optional)

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans and fleeces are available from the School Office, as well as PE t-shirts, gym bags and book bags.  It is encouraged but not compulsory that all school jumpers/sweatshirts/fleeces display the school badge. Burgundy sweaters/cardigans ets can be purchased at local stores.  These are acceptable.  However, having the proper school uniform gives the children a true sense of belonging and supports effective teaching and learning.

PE kit, consisting of:

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Black shorts (or leggings if legs are to be covered for religious/cultural reasons)
  • Black pumps

Please ensure all clothing is labelled with your child’s name. 

Please find below a price list of the school uniform available from the School Office. Prices correct March 2020.

Sweatshirt £9.75
Cardigan £10.95
P.E. T-Shirt £6.00
Fleece £11.95
Waterproof Coat £19.95
P.E. Bag £6.50
Book Bag £7.50