School Council

School council representatives help our children to have a greater say in matters that effect our school and learning environment. As well as our Whole School Council we have several sub-committees in which children play active roles in helping to improve specific aspects of school life and our school environment. Sub-committees include Eco-Council, Mini-Mentors, Digital Leaders and Play Leaders. 

Whole School Council - Chaired by Miss Weekes

The school council holds meetings every half term chaired by Deputy Head and SEND Lead Miss Weekes, to discuss and resolve any problems that may have arisen. These may be issues relating to lunch times, behaviour or new ideas to help improve our school and create a better learning environment.

Our school council representatives are:

Year 1 - Mylah

Year 2 - Daisy

Year 3 - Roman

Year 4 - Noah

Year 5 - Coby

Year 6 - Mia

Eco-Council - Led by Mrs Rowles

Information coming soon!

Our Eco-Council Representatives are:

Year 1 - Lucas

Year 2 - Neve

Year 3 - Kai

Year 4 - Christina

Year 5 - Layton

Year 6 - Caleb

Mini-Mentors - Led by Mrs Lambert

The Mini Mentors' role is to be a friendly face on the playground. If a child is lonely, or needs someone to play with, they can ask the Mini Mentor and they will play with them or find them someone to play with. They also look out for children who look sad or lonely and make sure they have something to do or someone to play with.

Our Mini-Mentors are:

Year 1 - Lola

Year 2 - Poppy

Year 3 - Lewis

Year 4 - Maisy

Year 5 - Louise

Year 6 - Charlotte

Digital Leaders - Led by Miss Aitken

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Our Digital Leaders are:

Year 3 - Pixie

Year 3 - Ethan

Year 4 - Emily

Year 4 - Ahana

Year 5 - Hollie

Year 5 - JR

Year 6 - Zak

Year 6 - Sirin

Play Leaders - Led by Mr Liam Booth

Information coming soon!

Our Play Leaders are:

Year 5 - Kenzie

Year 5 - JR

Year 5 - Ethan

Year 5 - Ted

Year 5 - Keira

Year 5 - Louise

Year 5 - Scarlet

Year 5 - Phelim

Year 5 - Lilly-Jae

Year 5 - Jaymee-Lei