School Council

School council representatives help our children to have a greater say in matters that effect our school. The school council holds meetings every half term chaired by PSHCE lead Naomi Sparkes, to discuss and resolve any problems that may have arisen. These may be issues relating to lunch times, behaviour or new ideas to help improve our school.

Every year, each year group elects one boy and one girl to represent their class on the school council. This year’s school council representatives are:

Year 1 - Poppy and Thomas

Year 2 - Harry and Lola

Year 3 - Noah and Shifat

Year 4 - Ethan and Hollie

Year 5 - Zoie and Kyron

Year 6 - Abi, Alfie and Owyn

Meetings are held every half term to discuss key PSHE topics, including what we know already, how we could increase awareness and what we can do to improve our learning and create a better learning environment. 

School Council/PSHE Minutes:

 Class Council Minutes 9.3.20.docxDownload
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