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Our Learning Environment

Early Years Learning Environment

The inside environment at St Thomas’ is a calm learning space with neutral hessian walls for displaying work and neutral areas of Continuous Provision.  Each area has lots of resources which allow children to learn independently and is based around developing key skills linked to each area of the EYFS curriculum. 

Staff take time to ensure that all areas of learning meet the needs of all learners within the setting.  Enhancements are put into each area linked to our Narrative Immersion text or themes linked to the children’s ideas. Within each area there are writing resources, books linked to a theme and opportunities to learn independently or with adult support.  

Throughout the year our areas provide differentiated resources which support different types of learners (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic). Our learning environment is a warm and welcoming space where children can build knowledge, develop skills and enhance their learning.  


Nursery Learning Environment



Reception Learning Environment


Our Outside Learning Environment