St Thomas' C of E Primary School

Parent Participation


At St. Thomas’ we believe that parental involvement is essential for supporting your child’s learning and progress; as a school we do as much as possible to promote and positively encourage parent participation. Below is a list of activities that we offer parents to become more involved in their child’s learning. If you would like further information about any of the activities or would like to give feedback on parental involvement in school (positive and negative) please see your child’s teacher or a member of staff in the school office.

  • Weekly Celebration Assemblies

Parents and carers are invited to join us weekly in school to celebrate the work and behaviour of our children during that week

  • Curriculum Afternoons

Parents and carers are invited to come and take part in a range of activities with their child/ children throughout the year on various curriculum afternoons. Each year we hold a maths, literacy, and science afternoon. We also invite parents and carers to join us for a Christmas arts and crafts activity afternoon.

  • Celebrations in Church

Throughout the year parents and carers are invited to join our celebrations and special festivals in church. These include Harvest Festival, Christmas Nativity and Easter Festival.

  • Educational Trips

Throughout the year the children go on a range of educational trips including, the Museum of Science and Industry, Stockport Art Gallery and Stockport Library. We invite parents and carers to come along and join us on these visits when possible.

  • Parents’ /Carers’ Consultation Evenings

Each term parents/carers will receive a short written attainment/effort sheet which details the child’s progress and targets; parents/carers are given the opportunity to book an appointment with their child’s teacher to discuss this report.

  • School Performance

During the last week of the Summer Term parents/carers are invited to watch our School Summer Production performed by year 6. Previous productions have included ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Arabian Nights’.

  • Year 6 Leavers Assembly

On the last day of the Summer Term parents/carers are invited to join us in celebrating our Year 6’s time here at St. Thomas; this includes a short performance by the year 6’s, presentation of the Governors awards and an emotional farewell for the staff and pupils.

  • SEND Parents consultation forum

A small group of parents meet regularly to discuss topics related to special-educational needs, how we can improve outcomes for children with SEND and consult on updating policies in relation to SEND. These are informal meetings where we have an open discussion on a range of topics. If you would like to be involved then please speak to Miss Weekes.

  • Coming soon!

Due to the success of the SEND forum, Miss Weekes is looking to develop this and ‘recruit’ some more parents to discuss wider issues (not specifically focused on special educational needs). Parents will be asked to provide feedback on a variety of topics and be consulted on updates to policies as we strongly value parental contributions.