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Curriculum Plans

At St Thomas’ we endeavour to make the curriculum we offer as interesting and as exciting as we possibly can for the children; relevant to, but extending, their experience through as much first hand and practical experience as possible. We extend and enrich the curriculum through many educational visits and regularly use the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester as well as local resources such as St Thomas’ Church, Central Library and the Art Gallery, as well as visits further afield. We cover many aspects of the curriculum through a topic approach which is arranged as a two year cycle (please refer to individual class curriculum webs) to ensure curriculum coverage. Some areas of the curriculum we cover by holding Curriculum Weeks eg. Design Technology. Throughout the year we also offer a Book Week, PE Week and an Arts Week which includes African drumming and dance, and drama sessions for all children throughout the school.

We very much concentrate on providing children with the Literacy and Numeracy skills they will need to succeed at their chosen high school and in life beyond, so the teaching of Reading, Writing and Mathematics is given the utmost priority and your child’s progress will be closely monitored as they travel through the school. We offer extension activities for those children who are identified as being more able and a variety of intervention strategies for those children who are working below or significantly below expectation. Your child will do English and Maths each day and will also have a session of guided reading as part of a group on a daily basis.

All Key Stage 2 children will go swimming for at least one term each year they are in Key Stage 2, and there are opportunities for all children through school to take part in after school clubs throughout the year. We also have a football team and send representative teams in several sports to take part in inter-school tournaments arranged through the Schools’ Sports Co-ordinators Scheme at Stockport School. We also employ a qualified sports coach to teach children throughout the school each Friday. All children have access to 2 hours sports teaching per week.

We give all children opportunity to go with a parent/carer to see one of the major pantomimes each year, and arrange other theatre trips through the year. We also give all Key Stage 2 children the opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights. Each class also has an end of year educational/fun visit in addition to the educational visits arranged to support the curriculum throughout the year.

As a controlled Church of England primary school we follow Stockport’s Religious Education spiral curriculum and all our collective worship, which happens on a daily basis, is guided by the Diocese of Chester. We visit St Thomas’ Church to use it as a teaching resource and more importantly we use it throughout the year for whole school worship on special occasions. We also have a member of the Clergy deliver a weekly whole assembly. Parents are invited to our Friday 2.30pm assemblies which celebrate the work and behaviour of our children during that week.

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If you have any further queries regarding the curriculum please contact your child’s class teacher or the Headteacher.

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