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St. Thomas' Church

Our school is a Church of England Primary School and we have a very close and strong relationship with our church, ‘St. Thomas’ Church’, which is located opposite the school. This helps to ensure that our children grow and develop both academically and spiritually.

Every year we invite our parents and carers to come and join our celebrations in church, including for Harvest Festival, our Christmas Carol Service and Easter Service.

Throughout the year our children visit St. Thomas Church to take part in a variety of activities learning about Christianity and the church itself. 

History of St. Thomas’ Church

St. Thomas’ Church was consecrated in 1825. It was primarily built to serve the needs of the local community. St. Thomas’ is a parish church which now covers an area of about 5000 people.

St. Thomas’ Church was one of a hundred churches that were funded by the Government and regarded as a thanksgiving for victory over Napoleon. The church is now recognised as a building of national importance and is Grade 1 Listed.

At the time the church was built it could seat up to 2000 people. In 1881 the church was refurbished and in 1890 the chancel was remodelled. The original seating was replaced but the galleries remained and still do to this day.

When the church was built the front of the church as seen in the photograph below was positioned facing onto Hillgate; at the time this was the main through route from London to Manchester and Carlisle.

If you wish to find out more information about St. Thomas’ Church please visit their website by clicking the link St. Thomas’ Church.

Stockport Parish PewTube

Stockport Parish now has their own YouTube channel called 'PewTube' where you can view their Stories, News, Services and Praise. 


St. Thomas

In school we have a special board which celebrates St. Thomas and tells us who he was.