Year 6

A Letter from Mr Sanchez

Letter 10 - 06.07.2020


Hello there Year 6,

Hope you have all had another good week and are enjoying more freedom out and about. Please still remain vigilant and safe around other people and families. The weather still remains mixed, but it is possibly looking brighter towards the weekend. 

I have continued with my fitness regime, but I am finding it quite sore on my knees. I am considering a change to biking as this might have less impact on my knees!! 

We have had another really productive week. Maisie has continued to work really hard (as you can see by the photos below). She has been doing lots and lots of writing using her Phonics, Maths linked to a number square and learning about the different parts of a flower. 

We have also been doing some carrot growing - we have our first one (it is a little bit small!) we grew these from seeds so we are very proud.

Don’t forget to continue to exercise every day for at least an hour,  Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube and look at the wellbeing section of our school website. You could choose your favourite song and make up a routine to it or create your own workout. 

This week’s work is dated week commencing 6th July 2020. You have your final ever piece of writing in Primary School! 

Please feel free to write to me at - it would be lovely to hear from you and all that you have been up to during our time apart. Remember I am still waiting for your Transition Documents for your Secondary Schools. 

Please stay safe, exercise and take care of your families.

Mr Sanchez (Rachel & Maisie) 

P.S. Maisie was really keen for me to share her poem about a Storm - hope you enjoy!

This Weeks Activities

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Previous Activities

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Useful Websites and Apps

Please find below recommended websites and apps for Year 6.

SATS practice: (past papers and sample papers)

Maths: In particular it is worth trying mathman (maths hangman), parity and numberwang.

Apps: Match 10 (free) and Logic Squares (£1.49) are excellent for developing reasoning.


Apps: Spell Fix  – there are a number of these free apps focusing on different spelling patterns and on all of the words on the year 3 – year 6 word list. Clues are presented like crosswords and children progress through levels like in a video game.

Other than that… read a book! Books are available from the school library. Join your local library too – it’s free! The best thing you can do to support your child in their learning is promote a love of reading by sharing stories together.

Additional Home Learning

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 Year 6 - Maths - Revision Packs-20200318T144311Z-001.zipDownload
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 Year 6 - SATs English Revision -20200318T145755Z-001.zipDownload
 Year 6 - SATS Maths Revision -20200318T143623Z-001.zipDownload
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