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Design & Technology

Design and Technology at St Thomas

Please take a look at Design and Technology at St Thomas'

Design and Technology at St Thomas’

Design and Technology is the process of designing, making and evaluating products fit for a purpose or improving, refining and extending the use of existing products. It develops key skills in creativity as well as resilience, determination and problem solving. 

During their time at St Thomas’, children have the opportunity to design and make a variety of products to fulfill a specific design brief. Each year, they will create a Textiles, Construction and Food Product and engage with the Research - Design - Make - Evaluate process in increasingly challenging ways.  


Our aims in teaching Design and Technology at St Thomas’ are that all children will:

  • develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to design, make and evaluate products fit for a purpose
  • develop the practical skills to work with a wide range of materials and components
  • develop understanding of control systems, energy and structures
  • become aware of the impact of technology and its contribution to the quality of life. 

DT Offer

Please have a read of our School DT Offer 

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DT Projects 


Early Years - constant access to a construction area in continuous provision as well as regular adult led construction activities. 

KS1 - Design and construct playground equipment and moving vehicles with wheels.  

LKS2 - Design and construct purposeful inventions and add an electrical circuit and moving part. 

UKS2 -Design and construct bird boxes using frames as well as a motorised vehicle. 


Early Years - Exploring fabrics and textures and joining in different ways 

KS1 -   Explore textiles and learn simple joins and stitches. 

LKS2 - Design and make a t-shirt and a dreamcatcher by weaving and sewing. 

UKS2 - Design and make a cushion and sewing and decorating a small bag.  

Food Preparation:

Early Years - opportunities to taste and help to prepare healthy food products and cakes. 

KS1 - Design and make a healthy meal and fruit product.

LKS2 - Design and make a vegetable soup and an exotic salad. 

LKS2 - Design and make a type of flavoured bread and a tasty Christmas Cookie.