Year 4

A Letter from Mrs Lambert 

 Letter 6 - 26.05.2020

Hello again Year 4, 

The weather this past week has been really lovely, I hope that you have been able to get outside and enjoy it!

I had a lovely long walk on Wednesday when it was hot and I enjoyed an ice cream in the park. I met my niece and we had a lovely chat - sitting 2m apart! 

I also saw my mother in law’s dog Teddy this week and was glad to have a little cuddle with him! 

I had a yummy BBQ too! We had a fire pit in the garden and I toasted some marshmallows! Tasty! What have you been getting up to in the nice weather? 

It was my cat Blackie’s 10th birthday this week! We celebrated by letting him have a whole tin of tuna for his tea, he was very happy! If you have had a birthday in the last few weeks, then I hope that you had a great time and managed to celebrate it with your family! 

This week it is the Whit Holidays and I am in school with the Key Worker children. We are going on a WORLD TOUR! Each day we are going to a different country and we will do some activities about that country. 

If you want to, you can join in with us! I will list the countries and some activities you could try this week - as it is the holidays, these are fun activities for you to do! 

As it is the holidays there are no lessons on the Oak Academy for this week. BUT… they do have some special Activity Club activities that you could do - I will list them below and you and your parents can see if you are interested in any of them! There are no lessons on the BBC Bitesize website for this week. 

Hope that you all have a wonderful first week of the Whit Holidays, I will post another letter next week! Don’t forget to email me any pictures of what you get up to and they could appear on the class website page! You can send emails to 

Stay safe and stay happy! :)

From Mrs Lambert and the cats ^^  ^^  ^^  ^^ 


Dear Parents

As it is the Whit Holidays I have included the provision on the Oak Academy Website and some fun activities linked with different countries. These are completely optional and are just ideas that you and your child could get up to during the holiday weeks. I hope that you all have some time to relax and rest as well! 

Thank you for your continued support and hard work!

Mrs Lambert x 

Holiday Activities

Oak National Academy Activity Clubs

There are a wide variety of activities that you could have a go at including: 

  • Art Club - making Rainmakers
  • Cooking with Bite Back 2030 - crispy chicken goujons, stir-fried beef noodles, beef burgers and coleslaw, chicken kebabs and flatbreads, cheese and sweetcorn pancakes!
  • Faith at Home - There are 3 primary assemblies that you could watch with the themes of Hope, Courage and Love. These are suitable for people who have a faith and for those that do not. 
  • Jamie’s Farm - These activities introduce you to the 5 C’s, the principles for healthy living, Construct, Connect, Challenge, Create and Celebrate. 
  • Scouts - The Scouts have put on 5 fun activities that you could do with your family. 
  • The Brilliant Club - gives you the chance to imagine what it would be like to go to University!
  • Votes for Schools - there are 5 different debates and discussions that you could have with your family!

Mrs Lambert’s WORLD TOUR!

This week with the Key Worker children, we will be going on a tour of some different countries around the world - here are some activities you could try at home!

  • France - build an Eiffel Tower using junk materials, speak some French, play Boules. 
  • Japan - try Japanese writing, Anime drawing, Karate on YouTube. 
  • Brazil - draw Rainforest animals, create carnival masks, carnival dancing. 
  • Tanzania - make your own tribal drum, drumming, Tinga Tinga Art.
  • USA - draw some iconic buildings, make a Statue of Liberty crown/torch, play basketball!

I hope you have fun with some of these ideas! 

You can continue with any of the previous activities on my previous letters!

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