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 Reading Books

Your child should bring home their planner and reading book every day.  You must try to listen to your child read at least twice a week and record it in their planner. If your child reads at home, they will receive a raffle ticket to go into our Reading Raffle! The more your child reads at home, the more tickets they will have in the pot!

Your child needs to bring their planner and reading book to school every day.

Your child will read with an adult each week and we will check your child’s planner regularly to see if they have been reading at home. If your child does not bring their planner at all through the week, they will lose a Dojo point.


Your child will receive their new Homework Grid this week. Each week your child will have a set of spellings to learn and a times table grid. These will be given out on a Monday and need to be returned on a Friday.

If your child brings all their homework in on Fridays they will earn an Effort Star.

If your child brings no homework, then they will lose a Dojo point.

 The spellings and times tables will be tested on FRIDAY.

PE Kit

Your child will need their PE kit on Monday and Wednesday. Please leave your child’s PE kit in school. Your child will need:

          Named White T shirt

          Named Black Shorts

          Named Grey Jogging/tracksuit pants

          Named Trainers/Pumps (not school shoes)

Your child will wear their school jumper/fleece for outdoor PE sessions.

It is important that your child has a complete change of clothes for PE.

Jewellery must be removed for PE. Plasters are needed for newly pierced ears.

If your child does not have their PE kit for a lesson, they will have to complete a written task and will lose a Dojo point. 


We will be swimming this term starting on February 25th. Swimming will be every TUESDAY and children MUST bring their kit on this day.

Each child will need a towel, a swimming costume and a bag to put them in. Boys need to have trunks, not shorts, and girls need to wear a swimming costume. Girls (and any boys with hair long enough to go in their eyes) need to wear a swimming hat as well. All jewellery must be removed – if your child cannot do this themselves then please remove at home before coming into school.

Goggles are not allowed - to ensure that children can swim without them if they should ever need to. All children must have the correct kit if they are to be allowed into the pool. Please ensure that your child brings their kit home on Tuesdays for washing as we have had a few instances of wet kit being left in lockers which gets very smelly!

What we are learning this half term

Our theme for this half term is Self Sufficiency, Civilisation and Legacy , we will be learning this through our text ‘Stone Age Boy.’ The children will be learning lots of interesting things about the Stone Age, Rocks and Soils, Predators and Prey. We have our exciting INSPIRE day on 4th March too! The children will be writing diary entries, reports and exciting stories based on our theme text.

In Maths, we will be following the Y4 curriculum whilst also bringing in challenges for the children to complete to show their reasoning skills.


We strongly encourage children in Year 4 to be independent. We ask that parents do not come into the corridor before school starts. The staff are very busy welcoming the children and setting them off on their learning for the day. We would rather you approached us at home time when we have more time to dedicate to your queries. If you have an urgent message, this can be taken to Mrs Holt on the Reception desk who will then pass it on to the staff.

Golden Time

We have 30 minutes of Golden Time every Friday afternoon from 1.45 – 2.15pm. This is a time to reward the children who have worked hard through the week. We provide fun activities for the children to do during this time. Activities can include: Lego, board games, drawing and colouring, creative tasks, reading, toys such as cars and animals to name a few! These can change throughout the term and children are welcome to suggest activities they would like to do!

Golden Time is a privilege that is earned by working hard and being ready to learn. Each child can earn 5 minutes of Golden Time each day. If your child works hard and listens well, then they can earn all their Golden Time. If your child makes wrong choices, then they will not earn all their Golden Time.

No child loses all their Golden Time each week. They can lose up to 25 minutes if they do not make the right behaviour and attitude choices.  This is to encourage children to manage their own behaviour and take responsibility for their choices.


Our regular library day will be Wednesday. Please make sure your child has their library book in school that day, or they won’t be able to change their book until the following week.

We encourage the children to choose their own books, regardless of reading ability. This may mean your child brings home a book that is too easy or too hard for them. We encourage you to share harder books with your child, and maybe they could share their easier book with a younger sibling or friend!


Every child in Year 4 has their own locker. This is the perfect place to keep school bags, coats and PE kits.  Please encourage your child to look after their belongings.

Key Information

Dinner Money – handed in on Mondays

PE Kit – Monday and Wednesday

Swimming Kit - Tuesday

Homework given out – Monday

Homework handed in – Friday

Library book change day – Wednesday

Parent Assembly – Friday at 2.30pm

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Mrs Lambert at any home time.


At St Thomas we pride ourselves on our creative curriculum. Each term or half term each class has a specific curriculum focus which the majority of our lessons link into.

We know that homework is beneficial to both children and parents, but sometimes children find homework ‘boring’, ‘a waste of time’ and ‘pointless’. To ensure work is consolidated and extended at home we are going to think about homework a little more creatively.

Each term or half term, during the first week, your child will be given a homework grid. The grid contains activities linked to all areas of learning (English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Art etc). Each activity has a points value: the values relate to the complexity of the task.  Over the course of the term your child must complete a minimum of 10 activities from the grid. The aim of the homework grid is to exceed their points target. We have discussed this in class, and the children understand how to select appropriate activities.

 Year 4 Spring Term Homework Grid Stoneage Boy.docxDownload
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Your child must complete at least one activity from each row on the grid. The activities relate directly to work we will be completing in class.

Your child can choose how to present their homework, but by the end of the term they must have evidence of all activities completed in their homework folder. They may wish to use computers/laptops for their homework, produce a PowerPoint presentation, make a model or write their responses down. Every child may choose to present their work differently, but the task is the same. No two children work in the same way and this method of homework will allow each child to express their thoughts and ideas in their own way. We do ask that the work should be your child’s own work and should be completed to the very best of their ability.

The only other homework set will be reading at home and weekly spellings and maths facts to learn.

Your child must bring in their Homework Folder each Friday so that we can review any homework done and they can get feedback on work they have completed.

If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to ask.

Additional Home Learning

 LKS2 Addition and Subtraction to 100 Word Problem Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Puzzles and Problems.pdfDownload
 Reading with your child (1).docxDownload
 Year 3 and 4 word list.docxDownload
 Year 4 Creative Challenges to try at home.docxDownload
 Year 4 Home Learning Ideas.docxDownload
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